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You may not realise it, but outside of this website there’s much more going on.

The past few months I’ve upped my Social Media Game.

And along with that different kind of things are shared on different Social Media platforms.

That’s why today I’m giving you a view of what I share and where. There’s something for everyone.

If you just want to keep updated on all blog posts, the best way to go is to join the party on the mailing list. This way you’ll be notified about all blog posts and all exclusive things you want to know about.

For only the blog posts, Bloglovin is a good option. Although you will be missing out on all freebies and notifications of discounts….



The platform I guess everyone knows about.

Follow me there for:

  • the newest blog posts
  • a few times a week fun blog posts from the archives



Some people say Twitter is dying, but to me it’s alive and kicking!

Follow me on Twitter for:

  • the newest blog posts
  • fun blog posts from the archives
  • updates from the webshop
  • quotes about life and celebrating it
  • retweets from DIY’s and the best of other bloggers



Pinterest is the place to be for inspiration for anything.

Follow me on Pinterest for:

  • beautiful DIY’s
  • items from the webshop
  • inspiration and techniques for knitting & crochet
  • pretty interior styling and home decor
  • other fun and inspirational stuff

I don’t share every blogpost there, because not all of them are creativity and inspiration related. To keep up to date with all going on here, there’s some options for you in the beginning of this post.



I love Instagram. It’s such an easy way to brighten your day with beautiful pictures.

Follow me on Instagram for:

  • moments I celebrate in my life
  • the weekly creative spreads I make in my planner
  • some blog posts from here
  • updates from the webshop
  • and of course pretty pictures 🙂


That’s where you can find me, but where can I find you? I’d love to know what you share on social media.

Let me know in the comments below!

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