Where do I find inspiration?

 Inspirational Quote about Finding Inspiration

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Inspiration, it’s a beautiful word. It’s always positive and it’s something that enriches your life.

I’ve been thinking about from which places I get inspiration and I’ve written it down for you.
I get isnpired by many things and places.
I love to walk around Utrecht, especially the old part of the city. And every time I have to chose where to go, I look around an pick the street that looks most interesting or one I’ve never set foot in before. There’s always things that surprise you or catch your eye. + Wandering around empties your mind and makes space for new thoughts.

The same ofcourse counts for other big cities, especially with an old historic part. Like Amsterdam, Den Haag, Haarlem and ofcourse London.
Oh, and always bring a notebook and pen with you to write down all amazing ideas that pop up into your head!
Or I walk around stores like IKEA, craft stores, the art & craft section of warehouses and stationery stores. I could wander around for hours. And in case of IKEA I treat myself to some Swedish meatballs after. Also very inspiring. 🙂
If I want to find inspiration closer to home, I browse through magazines (Flow Magazine is my favorite), a few of my favorite blogs or I scroll through Pinterest. About Pinterest, it’s a great idea to see from who you repin most and then see who that person is following. That might lead you to a whole new source of ideas.
But some things are very important to keep in mind when you’re looking for inspiration:
– Don’t search for that one thing, be open minded
– Be relaxed, don’t stress about it. Inspiration for whatever will find you at the right time and place
– And as you can see from the downloadable quote above: Sometimes not looking for inspiration is the best way to get inspired. Inspiration can and will strike you in any place you’re not searching for it. Be prepared to be surprised.
Where do you look for inspiration? Share it in the comments below.

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