What’s in my Bag?


You might think ‘what’s so interesting about the contents of someone’s bag?’

Or maybe you’re here because your curious what I carry always carry with me everywhere I go?

I’ve just realised that everything I carry with me are in some way favorites of mine. And what you always carry with you, tells a lot about who you are.

That’s exactly the reason why I like to take a peak into someone else’s bag.

So today I’m giving you a peak inside mine with all the products I love.

What’s inside:

– My wallet. It’s made from dark brown leather and it still looks great. I think I’ve had this one for more than 5 years now. The only downside is that coins tend to slip out when I open the zipper…

– I hardly ever leave the house without hand cream. I’m a true addict, I admit it. My favorite is the one from Nivea with macadamia in it. So soft!

– Another must is my lip balm, especially in the winter. I always use Labello Hydro Care, because it’s always soft and easy to apply.

– A girl with long hair always carries an elastic hairband with her.

– And without glass wipes I wouldn’t see a thing after a while.

– My mobile phone, where would I be without it. Not that I’m glued to my phone, but without it I feel a bit lost.

– Ah, yes. Notebooks. You’ve read it a few weeks ago: I collect them and always have a few in use. I always have a small notebook with me to scribble down to do-lists or ideas.

– And what’s the use of a notebook without a pen? So I always carry a pen with me, preferably my favorite pens from HEMA.


And for those who wonder where I got that nice bag? I bought it at the Camden Lock Markets in London, but you can find these kind of bags in many places these days.

What’s in your bag? What do you always take with you when you go outside?

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