What Do You Collect?

Recently I read about collections from people and why they collect it. I think humans are collectors by nature, they sometimes do it without knowing it.

This got me thinking of all the things I collect. I think I collect even more things than I’m aware of.

The one that first came to mind is notebooks and to-do lists. I love to write lists, things I need to remember or ideas that burst into my mind down in a nicely illustrated book. Or one with a lovely pattern. I only use about 3-5 books at a time, so there’s a lot of books ready to be used. But when I see a beautiful one, I can’t help myself, I just have to buy it.

And I write these things down with my favorite pens from HEMA. The ones with a little soft grip. They write smoothly and I can write for a long time without hurting my fingers.

My ferret is also a big fan of them, she likes to take them behind my desk and chew on them…

Ok, back to collections. You may wonder why I call these pens a collection. That’s because when they are empty, I trash the filling and keep the casing of the pens. I still want to do something with them, something artsy and creative, but I haven’t come up with the right idea yet.

Another cllection is tea. Since a few years I started drinking tea and especially the ones with a special flavor. Everything with cinnamon in it is a success with me. In London I’ve bought some funky flavors at Yumchaa. Flavors like Raspberry Vanilla, mango Sunrise, Chilli Chilli Bang Bang and Red Chai. There’s more tea than shown in the picture, but I thought simple teabags wouldn’t be that interesting to show. What you see are the crownjewels of my collection.

A real collection I have, one that I keep for the sake of just having it, is the issues of Flow Magazine. I have all editions since the magazine started. But the extention of the collection will stop soon, because I will stop my subscription. I still have 10 editions to read, which shows I don’t really have enough time to keep up with all the issues.

You’re probably wondering wether there is a creative collection somewhere. Well, I wouldn’t be a creative mind if I didn’t have one. I have a box where I collect all sorts of papers. Ones with beautifull colors, illustrations and patterns. To hang at my wall or use it for scrapping.

I also, ofcourse, have a big collection of yarns. Much much bigger than the ones you see in the picture. For this year I’ve made myself promise I wouldn’t buy too much new yarn and first work with the yarns I have lying around. Time to clean up a bit!

What are your collections?

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