Top 7 Best Autumn DIY’s of This Year

Are you looking for some inspiration to ‘autumnify’ your home this season?
And do you enjoy handmade home decoration?
Than I’ve got the perfect inspiration list here for you.
Click the links below the image and you’ll be redirected to the instructions. Some instructions are only in Dutch, but most of the time you can also make the item from the pictures provided.

1. Pom Pom Hedgehogs from Molly Moo Crafts
2. Crochet Pumpkin by Ravelien (link no longer available)
3. Crochet Maple Leafs by Craft Craft
4. Crochet Mushrooms by Grietje Karwietje
5. Candle Holder from real leafs by Spark and Chemistry (link not available anymore)
6. Crochet Acorns by Engsidrun
7. Bowl from real leafs by Hello Lucky

Happy DIYing!

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