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Oh my, within 9 days I’ll be living in Stockholm for a few months!

It all goes so fast. Preparations started about 9 months ago (yes, studying abroad is like a pregnancy) and now I’m packing all my stuff, almost ready to depart.

It still doesn’t feel 100% real yet. It’s like I’m preparing to go on a holiday, but this one’s a bit weird. I’m excited to get to know the city, but I’m also scared of leaving everything that is sure in my life behind and start all over.

So it’s time to prepare the best way I can. And ofcourse that includes browsing the worldwide webs for Swedish blogs and Etsy shops.

I’ve selected my favourites to share with you today.


My Scandinavian Home

My Scandinavian Home

I’m definitely not the only one who loves Scandinavian home styling.

On My Scandinavian Home you’ll find many lovely pictures that give you a peak inside actual houses. Great for some inspiration and to dream away.


Livet Hemma

Livet Hemma

When you think of Sweden, you think of IKEA.

But did you know that IKEA has it’s own blog? Who knew?!

If you love leafing through their catalog (have you already seen the new one?), you’ll love leafing through this site.


Craft and Creativity

Craft & Creativity

This is such a lovely blog, I think Craft and Creativity my favourite in this list.

It has tons of great DIY’s with clear instructions. And luckily for us: the instructions are also in English. 🙂


Hej Regina


Hej Regina is a blog by Elle Decoration. They share the best of Scandinavian design and home styling.

You can keep watching all those pictures for hours, so pretty! And the fact that it is all in Swedish makes it even more awesome.




Willowday is another DIY blog with fun, Swedish themed DIY’s and more great things to make yourself. Great photography that makes your hands itch instantly.


iHanna’s Blog

iHanna's Blog

And we finish this list with iHanna’s Blog.

This is a personal blog with a lot of pretty drawings and journaling. Plus a lot of Swedish scenery and such.


The best of Stockholm on Etsy

And let’s not forget about all the handmade stuff people sell on Etsy.

I’ve made a lovely treasury with the beauty & all the best Stockholm has to offer in this category.


What are your favourite Swedish blogs? Or do you have tips for things I ABSOLUTELY have to do when I’m in Stockholm?

Please share them in the comments below!

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