The Best of Swan Market Utrecht




The sun is out and birds are chirping their songs of Spring.

On windless places you could even be outside without a jacket.

A perfect day for the first Swan Market in Utrecht. Yay!20150412_143717

Swan Market is a lifestyle market with booths where people sell their handmade products, vintage, art and accessories. There’s also a food court where you can buy special snacks, treats or your evening dinner if you want.

The market offered a large diversity of items. There’s something for stationery lovers, home shoppers, fashonista’s, parents and art lovers. All is made by the creative beings that are behind the booths, a perfect opportunity to meet the maker of what you buy.

I’ve strolled over the market and was amazed with all the amazing stuff that people make, the market truly brings something for everyone.

I’ve selected my 5 favorite sellers of this edition.


Studio RK (link not available anymore)



Studio RK is a brand that’s run by Renske. She has a huge love for crafts, which is very obvious from her booth.

She sells cute necklaces, lovely crocheted cacti and funny two legged animal pillows. And for DIY’ers there are patterns available.


Bloom your message


These are cards, but not any card. Besides carrying a heartfelt message to the receiver, they also come bearing seeds. After you’ve read the card, you can plant it and lovely flowers will grow out of it!

But there’s more. Add a Sprout pencil to the card and when it’s used, you can also plant that one to make it bloom. This really is a great gift to send to people far away.


Hippe Snor



These lovely cups & teapots are decorated by hand by Jeanine & Wendy, two creative friends who started their webshop a little over a year ago.

They also make postcards with funny texts to send a smile to your friends and family.




Allerlievelings sells necklaces, cards and coasters. All with a geometrical theme which looks really awesome. Besides this there’s jars with cute animals on their lids, lovely addition to your home.

And all is handmade by another two friends, Nanette and Laura.


Imakin DIY Design


And for those of you who like to be creative themselves, there’s these DIY kits. There’s kits for making concrete candle holders, dream catchers, clutches, knitted cowls and stamped pillow covers. Something for everyone and it comes with clear instructions.


Happy shopping!

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