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Learn to Make your own Pompom Bunting and Brighten your Home

Make your own pompom bunting


You just moved to your new house. Boxes everywhere that are half unpacked, furniture scattered around, all your things still need to find their own place.

Your walls are still screaming white, there’s nothing around you to give some life to your new place. You sit down in your favorite chair, envisioning the home you want to create: how to decorate it, what color palette to use. But inside you feel sad that it will probably take at least a few months until you have found the basics for your interior.


Go unpack some more boxes, then head to your nearest yarn shop and grab some colors that will complement the color palette you’ve just been envisioning. Then take the evening to relax, watch some tv and make this fun pompom banner.

By the end of the evening it’s done, you hang it across your kitchen and living room with some washi tape. And the next morning, when you wake up, you find yourself in your home instead of just the brick house you spend a lot of your time.

Let me show you how.


What you need

  • yarn in your favorite colorsTools pompom bunting
  • some cardboard (not too thic), you could simply use the box that a little earlier still contained those yummy cookies
  • round objects in various sizes
  • scissors
  • a pen
  • a crochet hook, if you’re making smaller pompoms.



How to make your own pompom banner

Template pompom bunting

  1. Make a template. For making the pompom you need two circles of the same size. I’ve made two different sizes. Cut the circles out and make the hole in them.


Circles pompom bunting

2. Put the two circles on top of each other.


Wrap the yarn pompom bunting

3. Now take those lovely colors of yarn and cut a length from it. Now wrap it around your cardboard circles and pull the thread through the hole. You could take two stretches of yarn at the same time, this will speed the process.


Cut your pompom bunting

4. When you are satisfied with the amount of yarn you wrapped (the more yarn, the fuller/more dense your pompom will be), take your scissors and put one end of the blade in between the two cardboard circles. Now go on and cut the yarn all around and try to hold the yarn somewhat in place.


Make a knot pompom bunting5. Take a separate stretch of your yarn and put it in between the circles. Carefully make a knot and pull both ends to tighten it. Make another knot on top of that and make it a s tight as possible. Don’t yet cut off the ends of this piece of yarn.



6. Now fluff up your pretty pompom. To make it into a bunting I’ve crocheted a long line with one of the yarn colors and attached the pompoms by making another knot on the line with the two longer ends you left on in the last step.

Now, when that is done, you can cut these ends off and hang your handmade bunting in your house to make it into your home.

Pompom bunting single pompom

I hope you enjoyed this DIY.

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What Do You Collect?

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This got me thinking of all the things I collect. I think I collect even more things than I’m aware of.

The one that first came to mind is notebooks and to-do lists. I love to write lists, things I need to remember or ideas that burst into my mind down in a nicely illustrated book. Or one with a lovely pattern. I only use about 3-5 books at a time, so there’s a lot of books ready to be used. But when I see a beautiful one, I can’t help myself, I just have to buy it.

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