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Swedish Kanelbullar for Fika (Recipe for Cinnamon Buns)

Kanelbullar 1 One thing I learned in Stockholm is that Swedes love to bake. A very prominent tradition in Sweden is fika. Which means you’re having coffee and some sweet pastry with friends. Fika is something some Swedes do all day long, each break is a great opportunity for fika. One of the pastries that is the traditional food for fika are Swedish Kanelbullar (cinnamon buns). Delicious little breads that taste sweet, but not too sweet. For my birthday I made some cinnamon buns myself, to share with my family and co-workers and that was much appreciated. To celebrate my birthday with you, I am sharing the recipe to this yummy fika bite! Continue reading Swedish Kanelbullar for Fika (Recipe for Cinnamon Buns)

Homemade Green Curry Recipe


Yes, I admit. I’m a lover of green curries.

I love how it’s spicy, but not too spicy. And the coconut flavour… to die for!

It took a while until I found the perfect spices to make my own curry at home. I used to buy ready-to-use curry paste, but I prefered to have powdered spices. Ofcourse you can also make your own curry paste from scratch, but a premixed powdered spice is much easier and quicker.P6150088

So now I found Jonnie Boer’s Thai Green Curry which has all the needed herbs and spices mixed into one lovely looking tin. With some water or oil you can make the powder into a paste and add it to the pan. One tin contains enough to make at least 10 portions.

Oh, and if you’re wondering: No, I wasn’t sponsored to promote this. I just love the curry, I’m excited about this product and that’s why I share it with you.

So, let’s stop talking and start cooking.

Continue reading Homemade Green Curry Recipe