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Recipe: White Chocolate & Raspberry Cupcakes



Hey, I found the way back to my blog! I’ve been gone for 4 weeks to focus on my study. Tomorrow is my last exam (for now) and just finished preparing it, so I have some time to blog again!

Last Tuesday was my 27th birthday (yes, I know, I’m old :P) and to celebrate I’ve made some cupcakes. Besides some basic ones, I’ve also made cupcakes with white chocolate and raspberries. And as always with cupcakes, the best is on top of it: mashmallow fluff!

Now I won’t keep this delicious thing exclusively to myself. Here’s the recipe, enjoy baking it and sharing it with your friends! Continue reading Recipe: White Chocolate & Raspberry Cupcakes

Recipe: savory bread with ham and oregano

Have you ever baked bread yourself? No, not with a prepared breadmix, but from the start. Adding flower, salt & yeast and knead. knead and knead. If not, you really should do it some day. It’s fun to do and to see the bread develop from sticky dough into something that almost looks professional! Oh, and if you have done it before. Do it again, cause you know it’s fun! Last week I’ve made my very first savory bread together with my mom. Here’s the recipe. Continue reading Recipe: savory bread with ham and oregano

YumYum PlumPlum

Now that my kitchen is almost back to normal (still quite messy), I’ve got some time to tell about today’s cooking-contest at my work.

One of my colleagues has a plum tree in her garden and she harvested loads of plums last week. She brought a lot of them to work and organised a cooking-contest. You had to use those plums and it had to be a dessert.

Last Sunday I’ve given it a try and baked a clafoutis with plums. It turned out ok, although I turned the oven too high and forgot to butter the tray… So I’ve learned what to change the next time. Continue reading YumYum PlumPlum