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Your New Favourite Breakfast: Eggs with Bacon and Spinach from the Oven

Your new favourite breakfast I’ve been struggling with breakfast for a long time.

Here in The Netherlands most people have breakfast with bread. Now it happens that I’m not such a love of bread. The only way I liked it was with butter and chocolate sprinkles.

For the past few weeks I’ve been following a diet (no sugar and only natural ingredients), so I’ve tasted quite a few new options for breakfast by now.

Today I’m sharing the recipe for my favourite one. Continue reading Your New Favourite Breakfast: Eggs with Bacon and Spinach from the Oven

Your Top 10 of 2015

The year is coming to an end, which means it’s time to look back, reflect and remember all the fun things.

To start with this, I’ve gone through all blog posts and picked the 10 that you loved best. They are down here for you to enjoy reading and inspiring  you on those lovely Christmas Days.

Have a lovely, happy and heartwarming Christmas everyone. Continue reading Your Top 10 of 2015

Recipe: Oreo Chip Cookies with White Chocolate

Oreo Chip Cookies Recipe


At the beginning of this year, new year’s resolutions were made. And so did I.

I told myself that I wanted to bake more cookies.

Up until now not very much happened in that department, except one or two batches of cookies being thrown in the trash. Lesson learned: baking with Stevia isn’t such a good idea.

But last weekend I managed to make some that are, or better said were, very tasteful if I can believe my colleagues. I baked some Oreo chip cookies with white chocolate on top. Here’s how you can make them for yourself (or your colleagues). Continue reading Recipe: Oreo Chip Cookies with White Chocolate

Recipe: Italian Savory Bread

This savory bread is so, so good! I made it when I was with my family and after baking & cooling down a bit, I think it was gone within the hour. It’s a delicious bite for lunch or as an in between or serve it as a side dish with an itialian dinner. And, not entirely unimportant, it’s not that hard to make at all! You just make a pizzadough, stretch it out, add pesto, dried tomatoes & mozzarella and you roll it. Let me give you a more detailed description. Continue reading Recipe: Italian Savory Bread

Recipe: Raspberry Cheesecake

Another delicious recipe this week! I’ve made this one last weekend when some friends came over to celebrate my birthday! (yes, I celebrate my birthday in shifts, because my room is too tiny…).

This isn’t a cheesecake like you know them, since it’s not made with cream cheese, but with quark. In Dutch it’s called ‘kwarktaart’, but I don’t think there’s a proper translation for it. Anyways, it’s delicious! Fresh from the quark and sweet from the raspberries. It’s perfect for sunny celebrations or summery picknicks. Continue reading Recipe: Raspberry Cheesecake