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February Diary

February, oh February. What have you done to me.

This month I started my final internship for my studies and that means working fulltime… So my life has gone from one and a half month of no obligations, to quite busy from my point of view.

Working all day and after that I have two nights a week filled with activities of the student society and when I get home I have a ferret to take care of. It’s been a bit overwhelming last month, but I guess I’ll get used to it. Sometime…

And on top of that I got the flu during the last 9 days of the month… It’s not fair.

Anyways, it’s been a chaotic month so there hasn’t been much going on besides that. But what I can show you, I will. Among which is my newest hobby. Continue reading February Diary

January Diary

January was a month of transitioning.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll probably know: I moved back home to The Netherlands after having an amazing experience in Stockholm.

I came back in the middle of the month, so there were still two lovely weeks in Sweden left. I visited some museums, walked around the city and experienced real cold weather. The last week and a half it has been around -16 degrees Celcius. Brrrrr…

After saying goodbye to my friends from the church I visited, it was time to pack everything up and go back.

Coming home was so nice, seeing my family again and finally hugging Mexy after 5 months. But it took only half a day or so for everything to feel normal again. Soon it seemed to me like I just woke up from the best of dreams. But luckily I have my parents, sister and friend who can pinch me and tell that I really lived there.

I don’t really have pictures of when I got back, but these are the ones from my last days in Stockholm.

Continue reading January Diary

Souvenirs from Stockholm


I’m back in The Netherlands!

It was sad to say goodbye to the city that has been my home for 5 months, but it was good. The last week I visited several museums, enjoyed the city from a viewpoint and walked it’s streets to say goodbye.

Coming home was something I really looked forward to: hugging my family again, seeing my grandparents and of course hugging, kissing and playing with my ferret Mexy after missing her for 5 months. Pretty much as soon as I touched ground in The Netherlands, my whole study abroad period seemed like a big nice dream. Everything around me is familiar and I’m used to it, it’s as if I woke up from a 5 month sleep and hit the play button again.

Luckily I have my family who visited Stockholm, so they can pinch me: It wasn’t just a dream, I really lived in Stockholm. And I have brought some souvenirs back home to remember my time there.

Let me show you what I bought to keep the memory alive. Continue reading Souvenirs from Stockholm

The Best of Stockholm


Have you ever been to Stockholm? No? Let me show you why you should.

My time in Stockholm is almost coming to an end. I’ve lived there for nearly 5 months and had an amazing time.

There are many reasons why I loved it and one of them was the beautiful city and all it had to offer. Let’s dive in!


What I love most about Stockholm is all the beautiful buildings. My favorite is Stadshuset, but there are many many more pretty ones. Almost every building in the inner city, even those where people live, have some embellishment or detail that gives the building it’s own character.


The area of Gamla Stan also has nice buildings. This is the old part of the city, which has the royal palace and many small streets to wander.


Another thing I really enjoyed is the Tunnelbana (Stockholms subway). Like this it may look nothing special…


But once you get inside you will be pleasantly surprised. Each station has it’s own art. Some are more pretty than others, but each one has a unique style.


What was also fun about the Tunnelbana was observing people and figuring out the unwritten social rules that apply to it. For example, it’s kind of rude to look at or talk to people. So yes, I’ve been very rude all the time by watching others. 🙂


A very Swedish thing: Kanelbullar (cinnamon buns). And boy are they nice. Me and cinnamon are best buddies, for sure.


Stockholm is also very hilly. It’s not like it’s built on a mountain, but my Dutch legs needed some time getting used to it… But now it’s become normal to me and I see it as one of the charms of the city.


And a big plus of those hills, is that it gives some nice spots with pretty views over the city.


Pretty views in the summer and pretty views in the winter. The change of seasons is really nice in Stockholm. The city is glorious in each jacket that it puts on. I’ve seen it change from bright in the Summer, change it’s leaves during Autumn, to being covered in a pure layer of white snow in the Winter. Every bit was lovely. I’m a little sad I don’t get to see the city burst into life this Spring.


Espresso House is my favorite café to have a nice drink, chill with friends or read a book. And big plus: student discounts 🙂


Stockholm is also filled with museums. The Vasamuseet is my favorite so far, because it has an almost fully original Swedish war ship of more than 300 years old. Very very impressive. And in pretty much every museum you are allowed to take pictures, so nice!


And even though you are in a capital city with many apartment buildings, that doesn’t mean there’s no nature around. Stockholm has quite a few parks and in about 30 minutes you can set foot in the beautiful Tyresta National Park.


Stockholm has a nice balance between activities to do and nature to relax. It’s has the excitement of a capital city and can offer you the joy of a village.

A long story short: you should visit Stockholm. Put it on your list to visit it for 3-5 days and you’ll have time to see everything you’d want and stroll around to embrace it all.

December Diary

After looking back at 2015 last week, it’s now time for the diary of December.

December was the month of finishing my classes and handing in the final essay assignments. Quite some stress, but I’m glad to say that I finished it perfectly in time and I have passed all my classes! High Five & Happy Dance!

It was also a very fun month, because my Dutch friend Siglinde came to visit Stockholm for a few days and I went north to Lulea with my South-African friend Ancia. Both special and joyful events and I’ll show you all of it in pictures below. Continue reading December Diary