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Bullet Journal Setup Augustus

Jeetje, wat gaat juli snel zeg! De bullet journal setup van juli heeft me geholpen om deze maand weer effectief aan de slag te gaan, maar ook om lekker creatief bezig te zijn en te ontspannen.

Nu is het nog maar een paar dagen voordat augustus begint. Het is dus weer hoog tijd om je bullet journal voor te bereiden op deze (hopelijk) zomerse maand.

Zo ben ook ik afgelopen weekend aan de slag gegaan en heb ik weer alles klaargemaakt.

Deze keer aardig wat veranderingen, te beginnen met een nieuw Leuchtturm 1917 notitieboek! Yay!

Ook verandert er vanalles aan de maandelijkse log, maak ik geen wekelijkse log meer en wijzig ik de layout van mijn habit trackers.

En als finishing touch laat ik je een aquarel failure zien 🙂

Kijk je weer mee?

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What Do You Collect?

Recently I read about collections from people and why they collect it. I think humans are collectors by nature, they sometimes do it without knowing it.

This got me thinking of all the things I collect. I think I collect even more things than I’m aware of.

The one that first came to mind is notebooks and to-do lists. I love to write lists, things I need to remember or ideas that burst into my mind down in a nicely illustrated book. Or one with a lovely pattern. I only use about 3-5 books at a time, so there’s a lot of books ready to be used. But when I see a beautiful one, I can’t help myself, I just have to buy it.

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London Shoplog

I know, I know. You’re all very curious to know what I’ve bought in London.

So let me satisfy your curiosity.
Besides souvenirs I bought for family, this is what I’ve bought for myself:

Typically London
During my time there, I fell in love with the city. I love the excitement of always something to do and thousands of people to meet. The Underground takes you everywhere you want to go, but only if you ‘Mind The Gap’. Oh, and I love the fact that you can leave your window open when the light is on: no mosquito’s or any other kind of flying bug coming in!
Stuff bought: Cardholder for my Dutch transportpass with map of the Underground, pin ‘Mind The Gap’, Union Jack car keyring.
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Proud owner of my first Moleskine!

Since my childhood I’ve always liked nice notebooks and papers.
The last few years I’ve bought many notebooks or I bought magazines which provided a free notebook with it.
I use them to make lists, write down quote’s I like, my art-journal, write down my worries and to keep a list of books that I still want to read.
Last friday I was in a bookshop and I discovered THE notebook of all notebooks. It fits me so perfectly!

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