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Are you Afraid to Make Mistakes? – Imperfections Galore

Credits for this beautiful spread & picture go to Annabel from teaching_funshines_bujo

(Nederlands hieronder)

Imperfections, mistakes and plans that didn’t turn out as you wanted. It’s all part of life and also part of bullet journaling. I’ve poured all of this in a new blog post series, which I’ll introduce to you today.

I love bullet journaling. I started it a year and a half ago and it has become my daily companion. It helps me to get things done and keep track of how things are going.

Another part I really like is all the inspiration I can find online. There’s loads of Bullet Journal accounts on Instagram and groups on Facebook. Many layouts, drawings and colour combinations I used were found there.

But what I also see and hear, is that many people are very demanding when it comes to their own Bullet Journal. They want every page to be as perfect as the pictures they have seen online. And for some this is even a reason to be scared to get started on bullet journaling. Continue reading Are you Afraid to Make Mistakes? – Imperfections Galore