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How to Crochet Your Own Blanket – 15 Free Patterns

I’ve been crocheting my own blanket for quit a while now, but it’s almost finished!

Crocheting your own blanket is quite a project, it takes some time and motivation to get it done. But you can simply crochet every evening while watching TV. And before you know it your blanket is done!
But I can tell you: It’s worth it! You can make it exactly in the colors and look that you want in your house. Plus it makes a signature piece in your home decoration.

I’ve listed 15 of my favorite free patterns below. Seeing all this make me want to make another blanket!

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DIY: Tea Display

Yes, I hear you thinking. What the heck is a tea display?
Well, let me tell you the story behind it.
In August my grandma turned 80! So there was a celebration planned and my sister, brother-in-law and I always give a gift together. Because it’s such a milestone, 80 years, we wanted to give something ¬†special.
My gran always drinks tea and she always drinks one kind of tea. So we wanted to give her 80 teabags of this flavour.
But giving 80 teabags in a box is a little boring, don’t you think?
So while brainstorming on how we would give it, I saw this blog post on A Cup of Life (It’s in Dutch, but it’s a great blog, check it out!).
So if you replace those photo’s with teabags, then you’ve got a tea display. It’s fun to give as a gift, but you could also use it to show the flavours of tea you have in your collection.
It’s not at all difficult to make, but I’ll show you step by step how to make it. Continue reading DIY: Tea Display

DIY: Crochet Rattle Ball for your Pet

Last week it was World Animal Day, a day to give your pet some extra attention. My ferret is really happy when she gets to play with a rattle ball, but my neighbor below me isn’t. So I’ve crocheted around them and now she can play all she wants with it! Let me show you how you can make some for your pet. Or maybe you can make some for your friend’s pet. Continue reading DIY: Crochet Rattle Ball for your Pet

DIY: Knitted Pillow with Bamboo Stitch

Last week I’ve finished a knitted pillow I’ve made with yarn I bought in London.
I’ve knitted it with the ‘Bamboo Stitch’ and today I’ll teach you how you can knit this pillow yourself!
It might look difficult, but it really isn’t. All you really need to know is how to knit & purl and move your thread about here and there.

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