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How to Use Dried Flowers in your Home

Herbarium opener 2

Drying flowers is something that my mom and grandma already did back in time.

And now this trend is back again.

It’s easy to do and soooo pretty! A lovely way to bring nature into your house.

I’ve been thinking of how you can easily use these flowers and leaves in your home, without risking of damaging these delicate pieces of nature. Continue reading How to Use Dried Flowers in your Home

Spring Wonders

Spring has taken a very long time to fight it’s way passed King Winter, but it seems that now it’s finally started to show it’s face.
Luckily we could already buy Spring flowers for inside our homes since a few months and enjoy the growth of those plants.
And that’s exactly what I did. I bought some Daffodils and watched them grow their leaves and flowers. It’s really interesting to see that first bit of yellow pop out and to see in what a beautiful way it’s built up.
And I’ve captured it all, to see this evolution at the end. Take a look!