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Bullet Journal Setup Augustus

Jeetje, wat gaat juli snel zeg! De bullet journal setup van juli heeft me geholpen om deze maand weer effectief aan de slag te gaan, maar ook om lekker creatief bezig te zijn en te ontspannen.

Nu is het nog maar een paar dagen voordat augustus begint. Het is dus weer hoog tijd om je bullet journal voor te bereiden op deze (hopelijk) zomerse maand.

Zo ben ook ik afgelopen weekend aan de slag gegaan en heb ik weer alles klaargemaakt.

Deze keer aardig wat veranderingen, te beginnen met een nieuw Leuchtturm 1917 notitieboek! Yay!

Ook verandert er vanalles aan de maandelijkse log, maak ik geen wekelijkse log meer en wijzig ik de layout van mijn habit trackers.

En als finishing touch laat ik je een aquarel failure zien 🙂

Kijk je weer mee?

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This Year’s 8 Best DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

It’s the time of year again to start thinking about what to give your mom for Mother’s Day. As you might know I share some fun DIY gifts you can make for Mother’s Day every year. Last year I shared a DIY for Yarn Wrapped Words and in 2013 I made a list of great Last Minute DIY Gifts.  (I don’t know what happened to 2014’s ideas, but OK) This week I’ve gathered the 8 best DIY gifts you could make for your mom this year. Whichever you choose this year, it will for sure make your mom glow with pride for being your mom. Continue reading This Year’s 8 Best DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

6 Decorational DIY’s that Will Make your Home Easter Ready

How are your Easter crochet projects coming along? Is it going well and you love them? Great!

So you’ve already made a good start with your Easter decoration now. Time for some new inspiration, but this time we are focussing on any kind of DIY technique.

I’ve found 6 DIY’s for different ‘aspects’ of decorating your house for Easter. When you’ve made these ones, your home is Easter ready! You can click the link in the description below the pictures to see the tutorial for that project. Enjoy! Continue reading 6 Decorational DIY’s that Will Make your Home Easter Ready

February Diary

February, oh February. What have you done to me.

This month I started my final internship for my studies and that means working fulltime… So my life has gone from one and a half month of no obligations, to quite busy from my point of view.

Working all day and after that I have two nights a week filled with activities of the student society and when I get home I have a ferret to take care of. It’s been a bit overwhelming last month, but I guess I’ll get used to it. Sometime…

And on top of that I got the flu during the last 9 days of the month… It’s not fair.

Anyways, it’s been a chaotic month so there hasn’t been much going on besides that. But what I can show you, I will. Among which is my newest hobby. Continue reading February Diary

May Diary

May started out perfect with a trip to Copenhagen! I’ve already shared a lot of pictures from that trip in another post.

After that holiday May was mostly about school. Working hard on two projects, keeping up with the courses I’m taking. Not much fun.

What is much fun, is that this month I’ve also got a GO for studying in Stockholm! Not all courses I’d like to take are sure, because I’ll have to register at the end of August. But it’s not going to be any more sure than this for now. So I’ve started preparing: subscribing at the uni, investigating the city, trying to learn the language and booking a ticket. August 22nd I’m going to be very sick. Sick from nerves and excitement, cause that’s the day I’m leaving The Netherlands for a while! Almost can’t wait.

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