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Een Natuurhuisje: Ultiem Genieten en Volop Rust

Normaal gesproken ga ik op vakantie naar een grote stad, waar ik me met gemak een week of langer vermaak. Altijd wat te doen, genoeg te zien en bezoeken.

Dit keer wilde ik eens wat anders proberen. Een huisje midden in de natuur, bomen en allerlei planten en dieren om me heen. En naast het zingen van vogeltjes alleen stilte om me heen. Ik wilde gewoon eens kijken hoe dat was, of ik mezelf kon vermaken of dat ik me maar zou vervelen en tegen mezelf aan zou lopen.

Dus zodoende ging ik vorige week ging ik vijf dagen op vakantie. Ik huurde een auto, stopte m’n fretje en bagage erin en ging op pad naar een natuurhuisje in Winterswijk.

Lees mee met mijn belevinissen en ervaring tijdens deze vakantie vol rust en stilte.

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Simple DIY Origami Blossom Garland

Easy DIY Origami Blossom Garland Do you know that feeling? That you want to give origami a try, but you’re afraid you will fail miserably?   I’ve had that feeling for quite some time, but this time I conquered it for the sake of Mother’s Day.   By now all the blossoming trees have lost their flowers here, so I wanted to make some blossoms that would last longer that the two weeks the real ones last.   And even though origami sounds and looks difficult, I promise you that you can do this one too. Continue reading Simple DIY Origami Blossom Garland

This Year’s 8 Best DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

It’s the time of year again to start thinking about what to give your mom for Mother’s Day. As you might know I share some fun DIY gifts you can make for Mother’s Day every year. Last year I shared a DIY for Yarn Wrapped Words and in 2013 I made a list of great Last Minute DIY Gifts.  (I don’t know what happened to 2014’s ideas, but OK) This week I’ve gathered the 8 best DIY gifts you could make for your mom this year. Whichever you choose this year, it will for sure make your mom glow with pride for being your mom. Continue reading This Year’s 8 Best DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

March Diary

Hmm, March was a pretty effective month I think.

I especially focussed on the shop: all the item information and visuals have been updated, I have worked on marketing and today and Saturday two new banners will be added to the shop.

Besides that there was my internship that kept going, although I couldn’t do that many practical things for that.

And we had a festivity: my 29th birthday! This was during the Easter weekend, so it was a nice combination meeting family and friends and being grateful. A time to relax and fun, to re-energise and enjoy the little signs of Spring making it’s way here.

All together March was a good month and here’s some pictures that proof it. 🙂 Continue reading March Diary

Swedish Kanelbullar for Fika (Recipe for Cinnamon Buns)

Kanelbullar 1 One thing I learned in Stockholm is that Swedes love to bake. A very prominent tradition in Sweden is fika. Which means you’re having coffee and some sweet pastry with friends. Fika is something some Swedes do all day long, each break is a great opportunity for fika. One of the pastries that is the traditional food for fika are Swedish Kanelbullar (cinnamon buns). Delicious little breads that taste sweet, but not too sweet. For my birthday I made some cinnamon buns myself, to share with my family and co-workers and that was much appreciated. To celebrate my birthday with you, I am sharing the recipe to this yummy fika bite! Continue reading Swedish Kanelbullar for Fika (Recipe for Cinnamon Buns)