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Made to Celebrate is Here!

After more than a month of brainstorming, designing, writing, tweaking things and tweaking them a bit more…

I proudly present you Made to Celebrate!

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Life is so much better when you allow yourself to see those little things in life and celebrate them. Don’t you want to celebrate every single day? Continue reading Made to Celebrate is Here!

April Diary

I had hoped that April would be the month that I found out if studying abroad would still be possible. There’s no hope lost yet, Stockholm is still on. But as long as I don’t have confirmation about the courses I’ll be allowed to follow, you won’t see me doing a happy dance… Still waiting patiently.

Besides that April was a pretty slow month. After taking and passing my mid-term exams I had a week off, which was a much needed rest. Now school is back on, it means busier days and a big demand for my discipline.

Luckily there were a few days off in there: Easter and Kingsday. I spent easter at my sister and her hubby, helping them break down their old bathroom which is hard work. But we also had a lot of fun.

On Kingsday we celebrate the birthday of our Dutch King, which means almost everyone has a day off. There’s a market in the city where you can sell your old stuff and buy stuff from others and there’s artists performing in many locations. A great atmosphere in the city. Unfortunately I worked hard for school that day, but I did attend the market for an hour or so. But no pictures from that… Continue reading April Diary

Why I Blog

Why I blog

Why do I blog? Good question…
I’ve aksed myself this question for many times, but I never really found the right answer for it.
Before, I said I blogged because I like to share my creativity and fun things with the world. Later I added that I’d like to inspire people with my creativity and that I wanted to show people that it’s not that hard to make things yourself.
All true, but lately I found out the real reason why I blog. Continue reading Why I Blog

Your Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014

The year is coming to an end, so it’s time to look back to the year that past.
To finish the year, I’ve made a list of your favorite blog posts from last year.
I noticed it’s a mix of recipes, personal posts and DIY’s. That’s exactly what this blog is about and what I will continue doing in 2015.
I’ve listed them all for you: to read for the first time, or to re-read it and be inspired again.

Top 10 favorite blogposts of 2014:
1. Top 11 Blogging Tips from HEMA Blog Academy
2. How About Something Custom Made For You?
3. Recipe: White Chocolate & Raspberry Cupcakes
4. In memoriam: 298 people I didn’t know (edit: not available anymore)
5. Recipe: Pumpkin Risotto with Chicken & Mushrooms
6. The Changes of 2013 Will Lead to an Adventurous 2014!
7. Ikea Hack DIY: Hexagon Boxes
8. Inspiration for your Handmade Wedding
9. How to Plan for Success
10 DIY Wedding Gifthttps://www.madetocelebrate.com/diy-wedding-gifts/



I hope you’ll have a lovely & shining finish of 2014 and an amazing start of 2015.
I’ll see you next year!

How to Plan for Succes

You know the feeling, right? You’ll be moving to another house or you’re about to change direction in your life. You think ‘from now on everything is going to be different, better’. I’ll keep up with my cleaning, yes, I’ll even make a schedule of when to do what! I’ll be able to keep my surfaces clutter-free and I’ll do the dishes every day. I’ll definetly keep up with my to-do-list.

And then, when you get there, you realise everything is still the same… Nothing changed. Stuff is piling up on your table, you make to-do-lists, but they only keep getting longer and longer.

That’s right about the point where you need to change the way you’ve been doing things up untill then. And that also counts for me, I really had to change the way I’m planning. Or better said, I had to start planning. Right at that time I read this blogpost at Last Day of Spring (sorry, only in Dutch) and it inspired me to try it too. Continue reading How to Plan for Succes