September Diary

It’s been such an amazing month!

Browsing the city, walking any street that looks pretty (which is about all here), going to Espresso House for fika while reading a book for my course. Strolling around the edge of the islands, I love that Stockholm has so much water. Enjoying every minute of it.

The weather has been pretty good until now. Even though it has become much more wearing-your-jacket-and-a-scarf-weather, there’s still quite a bit of sun which makes it much more enjoyable. But there were also a few rainy days, which was good to get the reading for my studies done.

Because yes, I did start my studies here at Stockholms Universitet. Currently I started a course called Famous Works in Literature in English, very interesting but also a lot of reading. Luckily this was my only course this month (equals 1 class a week of 2 hours), so I had a lot of time to get out and about now it’s still warm(ish).




Welcome to Stockholm! This is a view from one of the smaller islands: Riddarholmen. Lovely view, but the wind was a bit too chilly too hang out there.



If I had to describe Stockholm, the first thing that gets to my mind is the many pretty buildings. The city is filled with big buildings that all have something special, even apartment buildings have some special details about them.



And ofcourse I had to go to the old town Gamla Stan where there’s also the Kungliga Slottet (royal palace) with quite a few guards who walk up and down the side of the building.


P9030145 Gamla Stan

And this is Gamla Stan, masses of pretty buildings in loads of colors.



The streets are so pretty and cute. All of them are as long as you look up though, cause there’s quite a few streets with loads and loads of souvenir shops.



And in between all the fun, there needs to be time to get serious. Luckily it was great weather, so I could do some studying on the grass at campus.


P9100081 Wandeling Sodermalm v.a. Skanstull

This is what I love best: walking next to the water and circle part of the island. This is the southern part of Södermalm.


P9100093 Kastellholmen

And after walking/climbing up you are rewarded with a lovely view over the city. Here you see Skeppsholmen where I went on my first proper day to enjoy Stockholm after I found a place to live.



More views with pretty buildings and little boats.



Yay, the box with my extra luggage finally arrived. Time to enjoy chocolate sprinkles for breakfast again.



This is yet another walk to circle part of an island, this time it was Kungsholmen: from Kristineberg to Stadshuset. It had a really nice rocky trail to hike.



Look, I climbed sooooo high! (kind of)



Water combined with nature will always be a thing I love.



Stadshuset, the City Hall. And it’s so pretty! Beautiful architecture and on one side of the building there’s this gorgeous plant growing on the walls with these pretty fall colors.



There’s also a park an garden on one side of the City Hall which has this terrace so close to the water, really cool. Can I buy the place and live there please?


Oh, and did I tell about the pretty doors? No? Check it out!


P9200081 Tyresta National Park

Besides the city, Sweden ofcourse has much much more to offer. On a Sunday I went to Tyresta National Park where you can just walk around for free!



And guess what, it’s so pretty! I love taking macro shots of plants and flowers.



This is what part of the trail looked like. It made me feel like a kid, when on holidays I would climb rocks together with my sister.



And then there was this lake. Don’t you love the reflection in the lake?



And ofcourse there were some traditional Swedish houses. I can totally imagine myself spending a weekend here.


20150922_155450 Stadsbiblioteket

After all of this time it was time to focus a bit more on why I came to Stockholm, to study. I went to the Stadsbiblioteket (city library) which has this awesome kind of book-dome. Unfortunately it didn’t have a spot for me to sit…



So I walked to the next Espresso House to read my book with a nice cup of tea.


P9230132 Waldemarsudde op Djurgarden

And now that the weather is still ok, I want to make the walks I want to make. Although this day it was a bit cold… But if you keep walking you will stay warm.

This is Waldemarsudde at Djurgarden, a really beautiful park and garden around a big house.



And yay, more of those red/white Swedish houses! Can’t get enough of them.



Another study day. This time at the university library where they have these awesome reading seats.



The day after I went to Skansen, the first ever open air museum that displays houses and all things Swedish. It was a really nice place. But there were some employees, dressed up as people from back then. Which by itself is fine, until they drag you in a conversation as if you are back in that time too… Kind of creepy!



A Swedish supermarket, loved the bicycle.



I know you’re not suprised anymore: Swedish houses…


P9250251 Tunnbrod

At one of the houses which had this huge oven, someone showed how they bake Tunnbröd. It’s a very thin kind of knackebröd/cracker.



And yes, more Swedish houses. But this time not as you know them, this is from the Sami folks. I really like how the house as these feet of tree roots.



And I’m finishing with this picture of one of my favorite moments. At Skansen there’s also a zoo with a lot of animals you can find in Sweden. And that’s where I got to know Ottie, he’s sooooo cute. He’s looking a bit suspicious in this photo, probably because I’ve been following him around for about an hour… I saw him eating, swimming, playing, running and climbing and finally going to his bed, putting all little twigs in place, wash himself and going into a good bit of sleep.

And yes, I do miss my sweet ferret Mexy. And yes, I’m aware that’s the main reason why I fell so in love with this fellah. 🙂



Crafts: I only knitted a bit on my scarf, but most of the time I spent exploring Stockholm.

Books: This month I started on my English Literature course here. In September we read The Canterbury Tales by Geofrey Chaucer, The Tempest by William Shakespeare and Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe. I loved reading them, but didn’t fully enjoy the discussions and assignments that came with it.

Movies/series: I finished Pretty Little Liars and now almost finished Suits.


Favorite moment: Exploring the city.

Suckiest moment: The only thing I hated this month was when I had trouble with receiving a package. I’ve been waiting for 5 hours outside on a bench for a package to arrive, but it never came. Even though the status update said they came by…


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