October Diary

Where September was the month of my ankle injury, October was the month of lung trouble.
By the time my ankle was as good as healed, I got sick. This wasn’t so strange. The weather was changing and having asthma means that you’ll be sick for a few days.
After a few days I did get better, but my lung capacity was still very poor, which also makes me more tired. I still had to skip classes to make it through the day.
So I went to see a doctor and got a antibiotics for three days. This did help, but still the lungs were going up and down… Another visit to the doctor and then my blood was checked and a X-ray was made. Luckily nothing bad was found, but the lungs are still trouble, even after 5 weeks now.
But enough complaining, because October also had happy moments. There was a lot of crocheting, exams that I passed, my dad’s birthday and I really enjoyed my ferret Mexy. Check out the pictures & all below.

Hi there! What are you doing? I was asleep…
Such a cute look on her face, it always makes me melt.
Especially this month when I didn’t feel so well.
Making the pumpkin risotto. It took some effort (read: a full workout) to chop it into pieces. But with pumpkin it’s always worth it, delicious as always.
After my week of exams I was free for one week. So I finally started a project I had on my mind for months. It involved cutting a lot, a lot, a lot of hexagons. It takes some time, but with some music or a tv show to watch it’s quite relaxing.
Also in that week I went to Bagels & Beans for lunch with a friend. There I had a delicious bagel with creamcheese, avocado & tomatoes. It was yumyumyum, so yum that I made my own in the weekend. A little downsized, but very delicious.
And I’ve played my mellophone (a kind of horn) again since, ahum, more than 10 months. But it was lovely. The horn still worked and I still knew how to work it. I should take it out of it’s bag more often.
I’ve also photographed a lot of items for Etsy. Some of them I finished months ago, so it was about time to do it. You can find all the new items in the JCLN Etsy shop.
And at the end of the month it was my dad’s 57th birthday! For the occasion I made an applepie with cocos and chocolate chip cookies. An interesting combination, but definitely worth repeating!

Crafts: crochet lace wrapscarf (one you can wear with a gown), it’s a big project but it’s almost finished now!
Books: Blue Monday and Tuesday’s Gone, both from Nicci French.
Movies/series: Flikken Maastricht, Expedition Robinson, Bones

Favorite moment: Coming home to Mexy when I had a tough day.
Suckiest moment: when my lungs keep me from doing what I want to.

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