IKEA Hack DIY: Hexagon Boxes



Do you also love those cardboard IKEA boxes?
I do too. I just counted and I have 11 of these boxes in my room!
But they’re soooo damn boring!

That’s why I created this IKEA Hack DIY to make these boxes fit your interior better.
Check out the steps below to make these boxes yourself!

What you need:

Boxes blank

  • IKEA Pappis cardboard boxes
  • Stack of old magazines
  • Thin piece of paper
  • Thick piece of paper/cardboard
  • Laptop/PC/tablet
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue


1. Get a stack of old magazines and decide which colors you want to use.
2. Make a hexagon mall with thick paper. To do this, search a hexagon of the right size online, put a thin paper on your screen and trace the hexagon. Cut this out and trace it on a piece of thick paper/cardboard. Cut this one out and you have your hexagon mall.
3. Go through the magazines, trace pieces you like and cut them out
4. Stick the hexagons onto the IKEA box. Make sure you put enough (but not too much) glue on the corners of the hexagons.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY.
Do you have other great ideas on how to hack these IKEA boxes, share your ideas in the comments below.

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