Mother’s Day DIY: Vintage Wooden Words


Vintage Wooden Words 5

It’s almost Mother’s Day!

So it’s time to create a lovely gift for her this year.

This year I’m making my mom this DIY. (Hi mom, I know you read this :))

A bit of a spoiler this year for her, but what’s the use of sharing a Mother’s Day DIY after the day itself…

So here we go.

What you needVintage Wooden Words 1

– wooden letters

– vaseline

– paintbrushes

– paint

– sandpaper (fine)


How to make this

1. The first step is of course picking which word you want to make. I’ve chosen for Welcome, to use it at the front door. Other great words to use are: home, love, laugh, smile, faith, sunshine. Or go with a sentence like ‘I love you mom’. But the best is if you could give her her favorite word, one that describes her or that means a lot to her.

2. Take a pencil with some vaseline and apply this to the letters on the places that you want the wood to come through. In my opinion it looks best to apply this to some corners and edges and on a few places ‘in’ the letter.Vintage Wooden Words 2

3. Paint the letters in your preferred color, you don’t need to do this thin. But too thick wouldn’t be great I guess.Vintage Wooden Words 3

4. When the paint is dried well, you can use the sandpaper to remove the paint on the places you’ve applied the vaseline. This should come off pretty easily. If you want some other parts to be roughened, you can also use the sandpaper for that.Vintage Wooden Words 4

5. That’s where I stopped. But you could also glue the letters to a card or make them stand on top of a tree branch. Or you could attach them to a bit of rope, so your mom can hang it on a wall.


Which word are you going to give your mom this year?

Good luck & happy gift giving!

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