March Diary

Wow, March was a month in which a lot happened. Ups and downs, sunshine and stormy weather.

It was the month of a 5-day holiday with my sister and brother-in-law, celebrating my birthday and enjoying the Spring finding it’s way.

But also the month in which my dream was shattered, a week ago I learned that studying in London is not going to happen. Everything was arranged, I just had to subscribe. But then my teacher found out that the university in London doesn’t accept students for a study abroad period… It was hard to deal with the first day, but now there’s a chance I will be studying in Stockholm. It’s not London, but I’m sure I’ll be able to create a dream around it. So, fingers crossed that this will be possible…

Besides all this I’ve been working on a new website! Yes, this blog is going to have it’s own URL, it’s own space on the world wide webs. I hope I’ll be able to finish it in April and release it to you!

March started really well, with a holiday to the beach with my sister and brother-in-law. It was quite windy, but the sea is always beautiful. We rented a little cottage from Centerparcs, played games there and cooked some nice meals. The first evening we went out for bowling, which I horribly lost. 🙂

The second day I unfortunately had to spend most time at school, so we didn’t do that much together.

The third day we’ve all attented a Segway workshop. At first I had a bit trouble with it, but in the end I did quite well. It’s pretty fun!

In the afternoon we played a nice game of midgetgolf. They had 18 awesome looking holes with a pirate theme. Good times, although in the picture my face looks a bit worried.

The fourth day we rented bikes and cycled through the dunes and beautiful nature.

 We even made some friends! 🙂

To be honest: this was a bit scary. We met a pack of about 6 of these on the middle of our road… Luckily we didn’t get eaten. 😉

The last day we packed our bags and on our way back home we visited a history museum and had dinner. A nice finish of a lovely holiday.

Getting home after a holiday is always nice, especially if I had to miss my Mexy for a few days. She came to sleep right next to me with her cute little face.

And this was my birthday. It was in the middle of my exams week, so unfortunately there wasn’t much celebrating. But ordering fresh sushi for dinner made it a bit more festive.

The weekend before I celebrated it with my parents and grandmothers. And in April I will celebrate it with my sister and some friends.

Just before my birthday I planted some vegetables and a few days ago there were already some green leaves showing, yay!

And to finish the month, I’ve treated myself to a lovely yoghurt with cookies, chocolate, kiwi and honey from the Yoghurt Barn, and later on I ordered some Chai tea. Yum!



Crafts: I haven’t done so much this month, just a few rows on my chevron blanket…

Books: Thursday’s Children by Nicci French and started reading Labor Day by Joyce Maynard.

Movies/series: Mostly Dutch tv shows. And last week I gifted myself one month of Netflix, so now I’m watching all seasons of Once Upon a Time.


Favorite moment: the holiday, celebrating my birthday and passing all my exams again.

Suckiest moment: goodbye dream of studying in London…


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