March Diary

Hmm, March was a pretty effective month I think.

I especially focussed on the shop: all the item information and visuals have been updated, I have worked on marketing and today and Saturday two new banners will be added to the shop.

Besides that there was my internship that kept going, although I couldn’t do that many practical things for that.

And we had a festivity: my 29th birthday! This was during the Easter weekend, so it was a nice combination meeting family and friends and being grateful. A time to relax and fun, to re-energise and enjoy the little signs of Spring making it’s way here.

All together March was a good month and here’s some pictures that proof it. 🙂

Color Crush Planner March
Let’s start with my planner. I am so in love with it! I love using it and it helps me to handle my time and to-do list more efficiently!


Color Crush Planner March
Another decorated spread. Some Spring colour coming in, hoping it would help bring in the warm weather.


Color Crush Planner March
And then my birthday week, which of course I had to decorate in my favorite colours. 🙂


Simple closet door decoration
Another creative thing I did was re-decorate my closet doors. I did something similar last year, but I had to take it down when I was subletting my room when I was in Sweden. But now it’s all pretty and inspirational again.


Strawberry Smoothie
Yay! Spring was starting to show some warmth to the world, so that means it’s time to make a smoothie and read a magazine outside on the bench.


Swedish Waffle Day
And then it was my birthday! And also the day Swedes celebrate Swedish Waffle Day, a perfect moment to indulge on waffles, whipped cream and fresh fruit. Yummy!


Ferret hugging
A really cute birthday present I got was a big big hug time with Mexy. Normally a 1 minute hug is long, but this time she layed on my chest for over 30 minutes. (maybe I should mention my mom turned on the vacuum cleaner and Mexy got really really scared from it…)


A Beautiful Mess Planner #PLAN with gold foil
For my birthday I get some money as a present from my grandparents and some friends. Part of that I allow myself to spend on fun presents, the rest I save. The first thing I bought is this planner from A Beautiful Mess. Yes, I already have a planner that works great for me, but I had to get this one too. I will be using it for making plans for the blog and shop and keep all those things organised.

Crafts: I’ve been making new knit bunting for the shop. One will be published today and another coming Saturday, so keep checking the shop! Books: I finally finished the book I started last August: Dorsvloer vol confetti – Franca Treur. Movies/series: I was dumb enough to start watching The Walking Dead. Freaky scary series, but I have to keep watching…

Favourite moment: Celebrating my birthday and Easter with my family and friends. I was great to see everyone again.

Suckiest moment: I thought hard about it and I can’t really pinpoint anything that was so bad to be called the suckiest moment… So March was a pretty good month I guess.


Hmm, maart was best een effectieve maand denk ik.

Ik focuste me vooral op de shop: alle informatie van de items is weer geüpdatet, er zijn nieuwe foto’s gemaakt, ik heb gewerkt aan de marketing en vandaag en zaterdag komen er twee nieuwe slingers bij in de shop.

Daarnaast ging m’n stage ook gewoon door, al kon ik daar nog niet veel praktische dingen doen. Dus veel computerwerk…

En aan het eind van de maand was het feest: mijn 29e verjaardag! Dit was tijdens het paasweekend, dus het was een fijne combinatie van samenzijn met familie en vrienden en dankbaar zijn. Een tijd om te ontspannen en lol te hebben, om weer op te laden en te genieten van de signalen dat de lente er weer aan komt.

Alles bij elkaar was maart dus een prima maand en hier zijn de foto’s om dat te bewijzen. 🙂

Crafts: De afgelopen maand heb ik twee nieuwe slingers gebreid en die zijn vanaf vandaag en zaterdag in de shop te koop.

Boeken: Ik las eindelijk het boek uit waar ik augustus vorig jaar in begon: Dorsvloer vol confetti – Franca Treur.

Films/series: Ik was stom genoeg om The Walking Dead te gaan kijken. Veels te spannend en eng, maar toch moet ik van mezelf blijven kijken.

Favoriete moment: Het leukste was m’n verjaardag en Pasen: familie en vrienden weer zien en veel gezelligheid.

Stomste moment: Een stomste moment heb ik eigenlijk niet om te delen. Maart was een hele prima maand!

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