London Hotspots

Remember last year, when I visited London? Well, I fell in love. Deeply deeply in love. I’ve missed  the city ever since, so I’m super excited to tell you that within a day I’ll be back to that special place!
Strolling through the streets, shopping here & there, reading fabulous books on a park bench and occasionally feeding the squirrels. Let’s hope the weather won’t be too English, because I don’t want to do the things stated above with an umbrella over my head all the time.

I’ve been looking forward to this trip for almost 3 months, but never took the time to start planning all the things I want to see…
So 2 days ago I started to list the things I still wanted to see & do,

Tower Bridge, I just love to look at it
Yumchaa (a lovely English Tea café, you really should visit it!)
Hyde Park & the Diana Memorial Fountain
The Royal Albert Hall
Victoria & Albert Museum
The Shard
Take some time reading a book at Parliament Hill
Borough Market

And what not, there’s a lot more I’ll do. There’s a good chance I’ll share a bit of my trip next week.
But for now I have one question: What is your favorite hotspot in London? What special place should I definitely visit?
Let me know in the comments below!

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