January Diary

January, the first month of 2015.
It started with learning for my exams, taking the exams and yes, passing them! Yay!
Besides those exams there was no school for this girl this month. So, that means, a lot of time to spend on the blog & etsy shop. With the help of Mayi Carles’ Free 5 Day Life is Messy Challenge I’ve set goals for this year, found out my super powers and envisioned what I want my future to look like. With these basics I’ve planned bigger tasks throughout the year and cut them up in smaller pieces to tackle each month. It’s really been a big help. A must for any blogger or creative business owner.
Enough talking, time for some pics!


Let’s start with a picture of the cutest ferret on this planet (although I might be a little biased).



In January I started another challenge, I’ll be doing a writing exercise every day, some just for fun and others will turn into blog post. This exercise was particularly fun. I had to take a book, open it somewhere and blindly point at a sentence. This sentence were the starting words of a story I had to write with it. At first I was scared, but it turned out great!



I also received another Christmas hamper, a little late though. But it was a lovely one, lots of fairtrade products, a lovely olive wood cutting board and a cookbook with little bitesize recipes.



I made some crocheted hearts for Valentine’s Day. In the webshop you can buy sets of crocheted hearts (not available anymore) and cards with a crocheted heart on them.


During this month I made several walks, also when the snow came falling down. The poor mailman still had to do it’s job…



I love when it’s been snowing, how the snow rests on the branches of trees. Especially the tree in front of my room.



I made a piece of decoration for my mom. Very easy to make, a DIY will be on the blog in some time.



On the last Saturday of the month my mom and me made a little wooden house at a workshop from a DIY store. Really love it!

Crafts: I finally started crocheting on a blanket for myself, but that project has already been on hold again. I’m currently knitting a scarf with a ribbon kind of yarn.
Books: Tuesday’s Gone is finished. I now started in Waiting for Wednesday by Nicci French.
Movies/series: Wie is de Mol (dutch game program), Men in Black 3, The Help, Jackie.

Favorite moment: having a looooot of time to spend on my blog and webshop and purchasing my own domain name!

Suckiest moment: there actually wasn’t really a bad moment. Really enjoyed January!

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