January Diary

January was a month of transitioning.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll probably know: I moved back home to The Netherlands after having an amazing experience in Stockholm.

I came back in the middle of the month, so there were still two lovely weeks in Sweden left. I visited some museums, walked around the city and experienced real cold weather. The last week and a half it has been around -16 degrees Celcius. Brrrrr…

After saying goodbye to my friends from the church I visited, it was time to pack everything up and go back.

Coming home was so nice, seeing my family again and finally hugging Mexy after 5 months. But it took only half a day or so for everything to feel normal again. Soon it seemed to me like I just woke up from the best of dreams. But luckily I have my parents, sister and friend who can pinch me and tell that I really lived there.

I don’t really have pictures of when I got back, but these are the ones from my last days in Stockholm.

Vasamuseet Stockholm
The first museum I visited was the Vasamuseet. A museum about a 350 year old wooden ship that sunk 10 minutes after it took of on it’s maiden voyage… Sad story, but very impressive to see a ship like that in real. And no, it’s not a replica, it’s 98% original!


Snow in Stockholm
Remember it started snowing at the end of December? Luckily that continued in modest amounts. Stockholm was covered in a layer of beautiful sparkling snow. So beautiful.


Stockholms Universitet Frescati campus
This was the last time I was at the Stockholms University campus. I had to collect some autographs on my Transcript of Records. And when that was done I waved goodbye to the place where I’ve spent and enjoyed 5 months studying.


Gamla Stan in Stockholm
And then it snowed some more. On this day there were moments that one could call snow storms I think. Yes, it’s cold, but I never really bothered. The breathtaking white that is added to the city makes me want to walk around all day long.


Gamla Stan in Stockholm
Around sunset the snow illuminates this beautiful city. Like I said, I just kept walking and walking.


Sparvagsmuseet Stockholm (Transport museum)
Another day I visited Stockholms Transport Museum. The ticket was quite cheap, but that didn’t say anything about the museum itself. There were many, many busses, trams and trains and they have a great audio guide in English.


Sparvagsmuseet Stockholm (Transport museum)
And when you speak about public transport, sometimes you need to wait a while…


Uppsala, Sweden
A few days later I took the train to Uppsala, a major University city in Sweden. There were lovely buildings and as always: the snow makes it so much prettier.


Cathedral in Uppsala, Sweden
I strolled around a little and then visited the large cathedral in the town. It looked promising from the outside.


Cathedral in Uppsala, Sweden
And what looked promising on the outside, was surprisingly stunning on the inside. A lot of details everywhere. So beautiful.


Stained glass window in Uppsala's cathedral (Sweden)
This was my favorite part of the church. A gorgeous stained glass window, I love the symmetry in it.


Espresso House Sweden
But it was quite cold. And what better way to warm up then with a lovely tea to go from Espresso House.


Frosty flakes in the freezing cold
And this is how cold it really was. This is frosty flakes on a wooden fence.


View from Monteliusvagen in Sodermalm, Stockholm
And even though it was freezing cold, I had to go here: Monteliusvagen. This is a walking path along a cliff (with fences, no worries) at Sodermalm. Gorgeous views to start saying goodbye to the city that gave me so much.


View of Riddarholmen (Stockholm) from the Monteliusvagen.
This is a view over Gamla Stan, the oldest part of the city. In the from you see the small island Riddarholmen.


Nordiska Museet, Stockholm
Two days before I left I visited the Nordiska Museet. The building itself is already worth taking a look at. It’s huge and solely built for the purpose of keeping the Scandinavian culture alive.


Nordiska Museet, Stockholm
And the interior also doesn’t let you down. It’s a huge huge hall, around which ar many rooms filled with many exhibitions. I especially enjoyed the exhibition about Swedish¬†traditions and one about Swedish folk art.


The Netherlands from the sky
And then I flew home… I left Stockholm with some pain in my heart, but also filled with joy of really coming home again. It was lovely to see The Netherlands from the sky, it’s such a typical view.


When I got back I first spent a week at my parents, visited my sister and brother-in-law for a day and got to see both my grandma’s again.

The week after I moved home to Utrecht, where I got to unpack all of the stuff I have. I can’t believe it still fits into my room and I can’t really believe how I have lived with much less for 5 months. ūüôā


Crafts: I started knitting some new buntings, this time in ocre yellow.

Books:¬†After all that reading it was ok to ‘cool off’a bit. I read a few chapters in a Dutch book: Dorsvloer vol Confetti by Franca Treur

Movies/series:¬†When Glee was done, I’ve been watching The 100 and I caught up on a few Dutch series like Expeditie Robinson, Moordvrouw and Divorce.


Favorite moment:¬†Coming home again, but I’m also really grateful for enjoying every last moment in Stockholm.

Suckiest moment:¬†Knowing that ‘normal life’ is about to start again. In February I start my final internship, so I already started ‘training’ my biological clock by shifting my alarm to early hours…


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