How to Use Dried Flowers in your Home

Herbarium opener 2

Drying flowers is something that my mom and grandma already did back in time.

And now this trend is back again.

It’s easy to do and soooo pretty! A lovely way to bring nature into your house.

I’ve been thinking of how you can easily use these flowers and leaves in your home, without risking of damaging these delicate pieces of nature.

On Pinterest I already saw you can now buy photoframes with two glass plates, in between those you can showcase your homade herbarium.

But I’ve developed a much easier way: by simply laminating the dried flowers, you can use them anywhere you’d like.


Here’s how you can do this too:

1. Take a walk around your neighborhood and collect some flowers and leaves. On a sidenote: don’t take flowers from people’s gardens… 🙂


2. Place the flowers in a book and place something heavy on top of the book. Is used a heavy pan. Leave this until the flowers are dried.


3. Put the flower in between the laminating plastics and shove this into the laminating machine. Put the  flower in first (not the stem) to avoid movement during the laminating.

4. Done. You can use the flowers and leaves as a placemat, hang them on the wall. Or, like I did, add some rope to it and hang it down from a shelf.



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