How to make Custom Made Aftershave for Father’s Day

DIY Aftershave


It’s always such a task to think of something special to give for Father’s Day.

Usually it would be his favorite balm, a keychain, a picture…

But this year you’re going to give something special: aftershave with a scent he’ll love.

I have to admit that I contacted my Mum to verify that the scent I had in mind really would be something my Dad would like. After all, she probably knows best how he wants his aftershave.

It’s easy to make, although it takes a while for the liquid to really absorb the scents. You need to stir once in a while, but in between you can read a magazine outside in the sun.

Let’s go!


  • 1/2 cup white rum
  • 1 tablespoon Glycerin
  • 20 cloves
  • 1/3 stick of Cinnamon, cut in some pieces
  • Any scent oil your Dad will love. I used Musk. Other nice scents: cedarwood, sandalwood or a citrus-y smell.
  • drinking glass/cup
  • spoon
  • empty bottle/container



  1. P6110023Put the rum and glycerin in a cup and stir untill it is transparent again
  2. Add the cloves, cinnamon and about 10-20 drops of your scent (this depends on how strong your scent is and what your Dad would like)
  3. P6110038Stir a bit and then leave it for a while with a closed top
  4. Stir every half hour or so, until it has enough smell for you taste. I left mine for about 3 hours.
  5. Filter out the pieces and put the liquid in the bottle
  6. Add a nice label to the bottle to make it extra special.
  7. Test a bit of the liquid on the inside of your elbow and/or underneath your jaw. Just to be sure….




What scents will you add to surprise our Dad on Father’s Day?

Happy gift giving!

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