Free Knitting and Crochet Resources I Use All The Time

10 knit-crochet resources

A few days ago I was looking for a knitting pattern that would perfectly fit the yarn I had + the idea I had in my head.
When this situation occurs, I have some websites I always visit to get inspiration for patterns and instructions on how to use them.
I guess you recognize the situation above, so I’ve compiled a list of my favorite resources for knitting and crochet patterns and techniques.Knitting resources:
1. My own Pinterest board with knitting ideas
2. Drops website shows you how to do many stitches
3. Drops also has free patterns
4. Alles over breien teaches you nice stitches too (sorry, only in Dutch
5. Love Knitting has a nice collection of free patterns.

Crochet resources:
1. My own Pinterest board with crochet ideas
2. Drops website shows you how to do many different stitches
3. And you guessed well: Drops also has free crochet patterns
1. Free crochet patterns
2. All Free Crochet.

What are your favorite knitting and crochet resources?

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