February Diary

February, oh February. What have you done to me.

This month I started my final internship for my studies and that means working fulltime… So my life has gone from one and a half month of no obligations, to quite busy from my point of view.

Working all day and after that I have two nights a week filled with activities of the student society and when I get home I have a ferret to take care of. It’s been a bit overwhelming last month, but I guess I’ll get used to it. Sometime…

And on top of that I got the flu during the last 9 days of the month… It’s not fair.

Anyways, it’s been a chaotic month so there hasn’t been much going on besides that. But what I can show you, I will. Among which is my newest hobby.

2016-01-29 15.16.05
And this is it, my newest hobby. Last year November I bought myself this Color Crush planner and I’ve been using it ever since. But only since February I’ve been using it as a creative project.


2016-01-29 15.11.28
I started decorating my weeks with washi tapes and all kinds of lovely stickers. It’s a fun little thing to work on every week and it makes planning and organizing your week so much more joyful.


2016-02-29 13.40.48
I also made some dashboards (tab dividers). And the fun thing is, when I’m done looking at this one, I can easily make a new one and give the planner a new look with that.


2016-02-29 13.40.15
For example this dashboard, made from a lovely watercolor painted paper and I added one of my favourite washi’s on the bottom. And do you see the pen on the side? Isn’t it beautiful! It’s one of the things I won in a giveaway from another planner lover.


2016-02-04 20.55.57
Ok, back to reality. My internship… I left some shoes back in Sweden, because they were falling apart. So I needed new ones. I bought these four and only fitted the mint coloured ones on the right. They are all from the same brand and the same size, but guess what… Somehow only the ones on the right fitted well and the next morning I found out the others were all too tight… Boo!


2016-02-06 08.14.03
Since I came back in The Netherlands, I’ve been following a diet. And in the beginning of February I had to make these delicious Banana Walnut Muffins for breakfast. Yum!


Billy Button flowers
Half way through the month I gave myself a present: a whole bunch of Billy Button flowers. They are so cute and joyous! I love how their yellow fits with the blue-ish theme in my room. And they’re easy to dry so you can keep them for a long time.


2016-02-29 13.34.44
And this is this weeks spread (as a decorated week is called). I think this is my favourite so far with the cherry red and peachy pink. If this doesn’t make you like planning, I don’t know what will.


2016-02-19 09.14.15
This is my new favourite nail polish. I also won this in the giveaway I told about earlier. It’s so shiny and sparkly!

Crafts: Most crafts last month was decorating my planner, but I also did some knitting. Books: uhm, books… I don’t think I have read anything in the past month… Oops! Movies/series: I did watch quite some series though. I started watching the 4th season of Suits and some Dutch series I missed out on when I was in Sweden.

Favourite moment: That must be waking up in the morning and having breakfast while my sweet Mexy is eating her food. Love those moments.

Suckiest moment: The flu. The real one this time. Having a fever for 5 days is not fun. Luckily I could stay at my parents for some rest and TLC.


Februari, oh februari. Wat heb je me aangedaan.

Afgelopen maand begon ik met mijn afsluitende stage van mijn opleiding en dat betekent fulltime werken…

Dus mijn leven ging van anderhalve maand zonder verplichtingen, naar best wel druk voor mij. De hele dag werken, daarnaast zijn twee avonden in de week gevuld met activiteiten van de studentenvereniging en als ik dan thuis kom wilde mijn lieve fretje ook nog wat aandacht en zorg.

Het was best wel overweldigend afgelopen maand, maar het zal vanzelf wennen. Ooit…

En daar bovenop kreeg ik de laatste 9 dagen van de maand ook nog eens griep… Het is niet eerlijk.

Maar goed, het was een chaotisch maandje, dus er gebeurde niet heel veel bijzonders. Maar wat ik je kan laten zien, zal ik doen. Waaronder mijn nieuwste hobby.

Crafts: Het meest was ik afgelopen maand creatief met mijn planner, maar ik heb ook nog lekker wat gebreid.

Boeken: uhm, boeken… Ik heb volgens mij helemaal niks gelezen afgelopen maand… Oops!

Films/series: Ik keek best veel series. Ik ben begonnen aan het vierde seizoen van Suits en ik keek wat Nederlandse series die ik in Zweden heb gemist (o.a. Levenslang met Dwang).

Favoriete moment: Soms als ik wakker wordt en lekker zit te ontbijten, wordt mijn lieve Mexy ook wakkeer en bgint dan lekker haar brokjes te eten. Heerlijk moment ‘s ochtends.

Stomste moment: De griep. De echte dit keer. Vijf dagen koorts hebben is echt niet leuk. Gelukkig kon ik bij m’n ouders terecht voor wat rust en TLC.

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