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Easy DIY Origami Blossom Garland

Easy DIY Origami Blossom Garland

Do you know that feeling?

That you want to give origami a try, but you’re afraid you will fail miserably?


I’ve had that feeling for quite some time, but this time I conquered it for the sake of Mother’s Day.


By now all the blossoming trees have lost their flowers here, so I wanted to make some blossoms that would last longer that the two weeks the real ones last.


And even though origami sounds and looks difficult, I promise you that you can do this one too. (more…)

April Diary

I had hoped that April would be the month that I found out if studying abroad would still be possible. There’s no hope lost yet, Stockholm is still on. But as long as I don’t have confirmation about the courses I’ll be allowed to follow, you won’t see me doing a happy dance… Still waiting patiently.

Besides that April was a pretty slow month. After taking and passing my mid-term exams I had a week off, which was a much needed rest. Now school is back on, it means busier days and a big demand for my discipline.

Luckily there were a few days off in there: Easter and Kingsday. I spent easter at my sister and her hubby, helping them break down their old bathroom which is hard work. But we also had a lot of fun.

On Kingsday we celebrate the birthday of our Dutch King, which means almost everyone has a day off. There’s a market in the city where you can sell your old stuff and buy stuff from others and there’s artists performing in many locations. A great atmosphere in the city. Unfortunately I worked hard for school that day, but I did attend the market for an hour or so. But no pictures from that… (more…)

March Diary

Wow, March was a month in which a lot happened. Ups and downs, sunshine and stormy weather.

It was the month of a 5-day holiday with my sister and brother-in-law, celebrating my birthday and enjoying the Spring finding it’s way.

But also the month in which my dream was shattered, a week ago I learned that studying in London is not going to happen. Everything was arranged, I just had to subscribe. But then my teacher found out that the university in London doesn’t accept students for a study abroad period… It was hard to deal with the first day, but now there’s a chance I will be studying in Stockholm. It’s not London, but I’m sure I’ll be able to create a dream around it. So, fingers crossed that this will be possible…

Besides all this I’ve been working on a new website! Yes, this blog is going to have it’s own URL, it’s own space on the world wide webs. I hope I’ll be able to finish it in April and release it to you! (more…)

Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers All Around Me

Last week seemed to be Spring Flower Week around me.
Suddenly flowers popped out of the ground and were fighting their way through old Autumn leaves.
With their gorgeous faces the look out into the world, feeling proud to bring a smile to people’s faces.
Because yes, Spring is coming. Birds are singing their songs of Spring being close. It’s lovely and delights my heart.

Look around you and enjoy the first signs of Spring! (more…)

Spring Wonders

Spring has taken a very long time to fight it’s way passed King Winter, but it seems that now it’s finally started to show it’s face.
Luckily we could already buy Spring flowers for inside our homes since a few months and enjoy the growth of those plants.
And that’s exactly what I did. I bought some Daffodils and watched them grow their leaves and flowers. It’s really interesting to see that first bit of yellow pop out and to see in what a beautiful way it’s built up.
And I’ve captured it all, to see this evolution at the end. Take a look!