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9 Life Lessons from a Scientist

Life Lessons in Science

What? Is that even possible.

A nerdy scientist teaching lessons that apply to anybodies life?


Let me tell you, the answer is Yes.

Last month a scientist in developmental biology visited Stockholm University. His name is Peter Lawrence and he gave a lecture about one of the principles he worked on. He finished his lecture by giving us a look inside the life of a scientist.

This last bit had some pretty awesome quotes that are applicable to everybody’s life, so I really wanted to share them with you. (more…)

Do what you love - Free printable

this quote here

Another quote that I really love love love!
It keeps coming back to me many times, mostly in times that I feel a little down or for example when I had to choose to go back to school or not.
It reminds me that I can choose myself to do the things I love. And also, to love the things I do. Even when they’re not that much fun, I did choose to do them myself. And you can also choose to change something. (more…)