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This is me, being myself

Photo by Romel

I always like to read personal post from other bloggers, so it’s with pleasure that today I’ll be sharing myself with you.
I’m not gonna go with the classic and boring ‘I’m a 26 year old woman, born in a family with a mom, dad and one younger sister’. I’ll share things that make me, well…. me. Things that all together form the person I am today. Things that make me unique and in which I dare to be unique. (more…)

Do you want to know yourself better? - Free printable

Get to know yourself better by writing down 25 words. 25 Words about you.
That’s the assignment I got during the blogging course I’m currently following.
It was supposed to be 25 words that I liked, but it more turned into 25 words that show who I am and what I like. 25 Words that inspire me and tell about my personality.
I’ve typed out all the words and gave it a fancy look. This is now printed and hanging in my living room, it’s there to always remind me who I am and inspire me.
I’ve made it available as a free download for you all. Grab your free printable by clicking the image above or
click here
Or you could make one for yourself with your own words! Then upload it and share in the comments, so you can inspire others.