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Easy DIY Origami Blossom Garland

Easy DIY Origami Blossom Garland

Do you know that feeling?

That you want to give origami a try, but you’re afraid you will fail miserably?


I’ve had that feeling for quite some time, but this time I conquered it for the sake of Mother’s Day.


By now all the blossoming trees have lost their flowers here, so I wanted to make some blossoms that would last longer that the two weeks the real ones last.


And even though origami sounds and looks difficult, I promise you that you can do this one too. (more…)

10 Simple Ideas to Decorate your Rented Room

Since a few weeks I’m renting a room in someone’s house in Stockholm.

I’ll be here for at least 4 months, so I want to make it cozy and feel like home.

But how do you do that in a rented room, where you’re not allowed to put some paint to the walls or even not drill holes to hang things?


Here are 10 easy ideas you could use to give your room some color and home-like feeling, without too drastic changes.


Collage it up!

Today I’ve finally finished on a project I started about a year ago!
Before this glue-it-on make-over, these were plain looking cardboard boxes from Ikea.
They’re very useful, but quite boring.
So I took a huge pile of magazines and cut out everything I like and that was blue or green. After that I glued all on the boxes and this is how they turned out.


Do you also like ripping a magazine apart and making collages?