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The Highlights of 2015

New Year Dawning

A new dawn is rising. And this time it’s not just another day ahead, but a full year.

A year that is still blank, to be filled with hopes, dreams and wishes.

Usually at the end of a year, I look back. Reflect on the beautiful and the bad moments. And look forward to next year: what is going to happen, what things do I want to do, make some nice resolutions

But this year it’s different. For the past year I’ve pretty much lived my dream: studying abroad. And because 2015 was such a dream year, I don’t really have that many wishes for 2016. All I know is that I will be graduating from my bachelors next year and for the rest… We’ll see what happens.

I don’t want to set any goals, 2016 can come as it comes. I will enjoy the good of it and embrace the bad as well as possible.

So now that the new year is covered, let’s look back at the highlights of 2015!


Your Top 10 of 2015


The year is coming to an end, which means it’s time to look back, reflect and remember all the fun things.

To start with this, I’ve gone through all blog posts and picked the 10 that you loved best.

They are down here for you to enjoy reading and inspiring  you on those lovely Christmas Days.

Have a lovely, happy and heartwarming Christmas everyone.


Memories of 2014 + Plans for 2015

Source: Manuel Ramírez
Manuel Ramírez

Way, way after all the other bloggers have reviewed 2014, it’s now my time to hit publish on this blog post. It took me a little longer, but I also looked back to the past year and looked to the plans I have for 2015.

Memories of 2014
– One of the best memories from last year: London. 10 full days in the city I love and I stayed at my friend Rasa. It was my second visit to London and this time I enjoyed it even more. I took more time to look around me and see what happens, instead of going from the one thing I wanted to do to the next.
– The second best memory of last year was having almost 2 months of holidays in the summer. Being a student comes with some advantages and I experienced that summer holidays is a big one. I’ve spent a lot of time reading, crafting and having fun.
– And something that will come back every year: I really enjoyed the time I spent with my ferret Mexy. I melt every time I see her cute look on her face, even though that probably means she’s done something bad… (more…)

Your Top 5 of best read blogposts in 2013

Last week I reviewed my personal 2013, this week I’ve reviewed 2013 when it comes to blogging.
I just checked Google Analytics, always fun to do every once in a while.
It told me I had 1291 unique visitors, that’s quite a lot! In 2012 there were 404 visitors, so it’s a big increase. I would’ve never guessed that!
Enough about numbers, it’s about the content anyway. Here are two Top 5’s, chosen by you! (more…)

The Changes from 2013 Will Lead to an Adventurous 2014!

Source: Manuel

Happy New Year! I’m wishing you a lot of blessings for this year.

As many bloggers do these days, I will also look back to last year and look forward to what this year could bring.

Last year I told 2012 was my happiest year yet and that I hoped it would continue in 2013.
Well, not exactly.
2013 wasn’t that bad at all, but it brought an unexpected change in my life.
Half way through the year I lost my job, which was hard at the beginning. What to do now? Will I be able to find another job? A lot of insecurities.
After a long time thinking, making up my mind and writing pro-con lists, I decided I would go back to college and start the follow-up study on what I had done before (medical laboratory analist).
In September I started with this and I’m very gratefull that it is going very well. My grades are a lot higher than I expected! I realised: ‘I can do this!’.
And then in December I moved to Utrecht, where I study. It’s a bit of a 360 degree turn. In January I was looking to buy a house, and now I’m living in a student room! In a city that is quite big in my eyes and where I don’t know anyone, 2014 is going to be a big adventure.
It’s been a year of taking time to be sad about something, but also about standing up again and create a new future.

Saddest thing of 2013
Getting to know that my contract wouldn’t be enlarged and that I would loose my job

Best thing of 2013
My London trip

More highlights
– Being succesfull at college
– Finishing my 365 Day Project ‘Picture Perfect’
– Participate at the World Music Contest with Showband Irene-Ede

Things I’ve been grateful for in 2013
– My mom, who I can always call when I need to talk or to help me make a decision
– My dad, to help me with technical & practical things
– My sister & her hubbie, for fun times
– Mexy, for looking at me with her sweet eyes and being soft to cuddle.
– My friends who supported me and shared their time with me
– My family
– Meeting Rasa in London and keeping in touch with her.
– My hairdresser, for turning my straight hair into curly with just the use of scissors
– My blogreaders, yes you too!, for tuning in everytime something new is posted and enjoying what I share.

And now there’s a whole new year in front of us.
Here’s what I hope 2014 will bring me:
– Make some new friends in Utrecht & be a part of a cool student society
– Share some valuable time with my family & friends
– Continue blogging & being creative, because that’s what I love most.
– I hope I’ll be able to visit London again this year, I really miss that city!
– A healthier lifestyle that I’ll be able to stick to for longer than 2 weeks.
– Oh, and get some good grades at college. Would be nice…

What are your wishes for this year? What do you want to do in 2014?