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Recipe: Raspberry Cheesecake

Another delicious recipe this week!
I’ve made this one last weekend when some friends came over to celebrate my birthday! (yes, I celebrate my birthday in shifts, because my room is too tiny…).
This isn’t a cheesecake like you know them, since it’s not made with cream cheese, but with quark. In Dutch it’s called ‘kwarktaart’, but I don’t think there’s a proper translation for it.
Anyways, it’s delicious! Fresh from the quark and sweet from the raspberries. It’s perfect for sunny celebrations or summery picknicks. (more…)

Recipe: savory bread with ham and oregano

Have you ever baked bread yourself?
No, not with a prepared breadmix, but from the start. Adding flower, salt & yeast and knead. knead and knead.
If not, you really should do it some day. It’s fun to do and to see the bread develop from sticky dough into something that almost looks professional!
Oh, and if you have done it before. Do it again, cause you know it’s fun!
Last week I’ve made my very first savory bread together with my mom. Here’s the recipe. (more…)

Turning trends into 'made by you' - Spring edition

Do you also like trends, but hate it that everybody else has exactly the same in their house? Me too!

 I love to have my house filled with beautiful decorations, but I don’t want to simply follow all trends that are being sold to me in stores all around. I like to make those trendy decorations unique, to make it my own.
 I’ve been looking around at garden and home stores and today I’m gonna show you three Spring trends and how to make them your own. They’re all very easy to make yourself, I’ll tell you exactly how.
General instructions: Look for a trend that you like and strip it down to how it is made. Then look around in your house or go visit your local thrift store, find the things you need and assemble your own, handmade and unique homedecor.