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View over London from The Shard.

London in 48 hours - My Favourites City Guide

If you have never been to London, you really need to go there. At least for a short citytrip, just to see for yourself what so many people love dearly.

And if you have been to London before, you should go again! Because there’s always something new to discover and experience.

I’ve been in London for a total of 17 days now (yes, keeping track) and I can’t wait to go there again. There are still quite a few things on my ‘London To-Do List’.

From the times I’ve been there, I’ve distilled a list of where I would go if I only had 48 hours to discover London. I’ll show you around London and show you the things I think one needs to see when in London. All the best highlights and the most beautiful places to see, some shops to go to and streets to walk.

For pretty much all the places we’ll visit that require an entrance ticket, it is advised to buy a ticket online. Not only does this save time standing in line (except for the London Eye), but it usually also saves a few Pounds.

On a side note: this guide assumes you have a full 48 hours at your disposal. So probably it’s best to arrive the evening before ‘day 1’ and go back home the morning after ‘day 2’. A shorter trip is of course possible, but then I’m sure you’ll feel the need to come back again. Although I think most people feel like they have to come back again anyways.


Let’s get this journey started. And where to start better than with a full English breakfast. J


Where do I find inspiration?

Inspirational Quote about Finding Inspiration
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Inspiration, it’s a beautiful word. It’s always positive and it’s something that enriches your life.

I’ve been thinking about from which places I get inspiration and I’ve written it down for you.
I get isnpired by many things and places.
I love to walk around Utrecht, especially the old part of the city. And every time I have to chose where to go, I look around an pick the street that looks most interesting or one I’ve never set foot in before. There’s always things that surprise you or catch your eye. + Wandering around empties your mind and makes space for new thoughts.


Why I Blog

Why I blog

Why do I blog? Good question…
I’ve aksed myself this question for many times, but I never really found the right answer for it.
Before, I said I blogged because I like to share my creativity and fun things with the world. Later I added that I’d like to inspire people with my creativity and that I wanted to show people that it’s not that hard to make things yourself.
All true, but lately I found out the real reason why I blog. (more…)

Memories of 2014 + Plans for 2015

Source: Manuel Ramírez
Manuel Ramírez

Way, way after all the other bloggers have reviewed 2014, it’s now my time to hit publish on this blog post. It took me a little longer, but I also looked back to the past year and looked to the plans I have for 2015.

Memories of 2014
– One of the best memories from last year: London. 10 full days in the city I love and I stayed at my friend Rasa. It was my second visit to London and this time I enjoyed it even more. I took more time to look around me and see what happens, instead of going from the one thing I wanted to do to the next.
– The second best memory of last year was having almost 2 months of holidays in the summer. Being a student comes with some advantages and I experienced that summer holidays is a big one. I’ve spent a lot of time reading, crafting and having fun.
– And something that will come back every year: I really enjoyed the time I spent with my ferret Mexy. I melt every time I see her cute look on her face, even though that probably means she’s done something bad… (more…)