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March Diary

Hmm, March was a pretty effective month I think.

I especially focussed on the shop: all the item information and visuals have been updated, I have worked on marketing and today and Saturday two new banners will be added to the shop.

Besides that there was my internship that kept going, although I couldn’t do that many practical things for that.

And we had a festivity: my 29th birthday! This was during the Easter weekend, so it was a nice combination meeting family and friends and being grateful. A time to relax and fun, to re-energise and enjoy the little signs of Spring making it’s way here.

All together March was a good month and here’s some pictures that proof it. 🙂 (more…)

How about something custom made for you?

You know how it always goes.
You’re looking for something specific to decorate your home.
You search for it in stores and online, but you can’t find it.
Well, you did find something like it, but it wasn’t exactly what you were looking for.

That’s what a few of my customers thought when they came to the Handmade to Celebrate Etsy shop.
‘Hey, I like those knitted flag, but they’re not the right color/size/shape’.
So they stepped out and sent me a request for a custom order.

For examples, someone mailed me this and asked if I could make it like that for the nursery of her first child. (more…)

3 Weeks of Free

After a few busy weeks of learning for and taking my first exams of this study, it’s now time to relax and enjoy.

I have got 3 weeks of nothing ahead of me. Ok, only one day of school, but that doesn’t really count.
 I’ve already spilled two days of them, doing nothing that I wanted to do.
So I had to step up, make a plan and write it down. Yes, I even wrote down the fun stuff, because otherwise there’s a big chance I won’t even do that.
Now there’s the obvious stuff of cleaning the house, doing laundry & all. Not really interesting.
But I’m happy to share with you the fun stuff planned and the things I’ve been wanting to do a long time blog- and shop-wise.


5 Things I Learned from my First Etsy Pop-up Shop

A week ago I’ve been traveling a long way to go see my Etsy products in a real life shop and help out there.
It’s been great to see all the products from all the participants and be able to run the shop for a few hours on my own.
If you ever get the chance to do such a thing, go ahead and do it. It’s a great experience.
Here are five things I’ve learned from participating and helping out. (more…)