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My Summer 2014 Reading List

How is the summer treating you till now? Having a good time?

Over here I’m enjoying to the fullest.
The part I like best until now: the hours and hours I can spend reading books.
In my bed, on a bench in the park, in the grass. There’s always a good place to open a book, dive into it and be in another world for a moment.
I’ll introduce you to my 8 summer reads.

Perfect, Rachel Joyce
This book tells about Byron, a boy who believes he saw the moment the government added 2 seconds in a leap year. At that moment he was in the car with his mom and his little sister. He screamed, his mom breaks strongly and Byron sees how they hit a little girl on a red bike. His mom didn’t notice and drives on.
From that point forward Byron and his friend James try to avoid the moment that this crisis will reach his mom. This seems to be harder than they thought.

Me Before You, Jojo Moyes
An intruiging story of how a girl becomes the carer of a young quadriplegic man in a wheelchair. She is there to help him with stuff and keeps him company.
At some point she discovers he want to end his life and she tries to change his mind.
A heartfelt story, written in a way that it seeps into your soul.

De Kraamhulp, Esther Verhoef
This is a Dutch book, I don’t believe it appeared in English (yet?).
I’ve read her work before and when on the cover it said it was her ‘scariest thriller ever’ I just had to buy it and add it to my stack of books.
The story: A female cop lost her brother half a year ago. He fell down the stairs, a domestic accident. But she doesn’t trust his wife. She dives into it and finds out more and more strange things about her sister-in-law that could be catagorized as psychopathic. And to top it off, this sister-in-law is now a maternity carer for a new family.
Can’t wait to find out how scary it really is!

Room, Emma Donoghue
Jack lives in a Room with his Ma. He never get’s out, the Room is his whole world.
They are being taken care of by Old Nick, but an incident changes this and Ma needs to take action.
She tells Jack that the things he saw on TV are real, that there is a world behind this Room and that that’s where he’ll have to live. Jack escapes the Room and finds himself in a world he never knew existed.

From Nicci French: Blue Monday, Tuesday’s Gone, Waiting for Wednesday and Thursday’s Children
I love the books from Nicci French, so ofcourse I had to read their latest ones too. I bought them with some giftcards I got for my birthday.
What I like about Nicci French is that their stories are always so exciting to read, I always find it hard to put their books aside.
These books are part of the Frieda Klein series, of which 4 out of 8 have been published till now.
I can’t wait to read them!

I’ve already finished the first three books (Perfect, Me Before You & De Kraamhulp) and I’m currently reading ‘Room’.

What’s on your summer reading list? Which books would you recommend me to definetly read after these? Share your suggestions in the comment section!