Easy DIY Origami Blossom Garland

Easy DIY Origami Blossom Garland

Do you know that feeling?

That you want to give origami a try, but you’re afraid you will fail miserably?


I’ve had that feeling for quite some time, but this time I conquered it for the sake of Mother’s Day.


By now all the blossoming trees have lost their flowers here, so I wanted to make some blossoms that would last longer that the two weeks the real ones last.


And even though origami sounds and looks difficult, I promise you that you can do this one too.

What you need 20160421_084340

  • Folding paper (or official origami paper)
  • Cotton yarn
  • Crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Needle




How to make it

20160421_1305461.     Fold some blossom flowers with this tutorial. Make a few different sizes to play with.

20160421_1306312.     Also make several sizes of leaves with this tutorial.

20160421_1327493.     Make holes in the backs of the flowers and leaves and put a short piece of yarn through it

4.     Crochet one or two lines of chains, these will form the branch for your garland

5.     Knot the flowers and leaves on the chain.20160421_134658




Make a nice box with some cardstock paper and put your garland in it, add ribbon around it and your Mother’s Day gift is ready!

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