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Aren’t we all?
Aren’t we all made to celebrate?
I believe we are.
Life is so much better when you allow yourself to see those little things in life and celebrate them. Don’t you want to celebrate every single day?
And with celebrating I don’t mean you should always drink a bottle of wine and grab your favorite snacks. Ofcourse you can, but it’s much better to celebrate with a smile on your face and a party in your heart.
Celebrating life is more like a mind set. It’s a lifestyle where you allow to see the tiny good things in life and let yourself be happy about it. To let those little moments be part of your happiness.
This will make you carry a smile much more often.


Ofcourse there can’t always be just happy moments in life, sometimes things just simply suck. And that’s ok.
But the way you react to those moments, define how it will affect you.
And I believe that if you learn to celebrate the small things, the bigger bad things will be less heavy.freebie calendar

Made to Celebrate is a blog that helps you see the beautiful things in life and gives tips to implement this happy mode into your life. To celebrate with creativity and we give you inspiration with fun DIY’s and delicious recipes.

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Who’s behind the celebrationP9190172
This little corner of the webs is made, designed and created by me: Jacolien.
So fun to have you here!
I’m a creative mind that loves to celebrate everyday and wear some positive attitude everywhere I go. Smiling more is such a great way to feel better!
Throughout life I have had quite a number of situations that made me sad and depressed. A few years ago, after I divorced after a difficult marriage, I really felt the urge to live again. To do the things I love, start being the person I want to be and follow some dreams. That has been the moment when I started to share my creativity with the world through a blog: Stuff to Love. Later on I added an Etsy shop to this, to not only digitally, but also physically share my creativity with others.
During this time I learned to live in the moment, look around me and I really learned to see all the beauty around me. Without realizing, I was becoming more and more happy, because I was enjoying more and more things. I learned to celebrate the little things.
It’s only since recently that I realized that this is what makes me happy, makes me enjoy life better and that it makes it easier to deal with bad and hard stuff. I feel really passionate about sharing this message with you and the rest of the world, to inspire others to see the beautiful little things in life and celebrate them.
11 Facts about Jacolien
  • 28 years old, Dutch, but currently studying in StockholmP6300007
  • finishes her bachelors Life Sciences in 2016
  • in love with Mexy the ferret, she’s the cutest ever!
  • learned to be fine with her Sucky Talents
  • sells handknitted bunting at the Handmade to Celebrate Etsy shop
  • calls herself the Ambassador of Color, because everybody needs more color in their life
  • listed 10 things that made her herself in the Summer of 2013
  • her favorite quote is ‘Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyways’ by Eleanor Roosevelt (free printable here)
  • loves to shop at HEMA, Action and Flying Tiger
  • collects many things, among which tea and empty pencases
  • is addicted to handcream and notebooks, and loves making lists

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