DIY: Ombre Dyed Tote Bag

Ombre Dyed Tote Bag

I bet you have several canvas tote bags lying around your house.

Some of them you use, but others are too simple and plain according to your taste.

Why not dying it in your favorite color, so that you will love to use it?

I’ve chosen to dye mine with an ombre teint and today I’ll show you how you can do that yourself!


What you need:

  • Textile coloring dyeP7290026
  • a plain looking tote bag
  • rubber/plastic gloves
  • a bucket
  • a plastic bag (not neccessairy, only to protect the bucket from being colored)
  • a big old towel (it might get stained with some of the dye)
  • clothes horse with clothespins
  • (forget about this little candles you see on the picture. The idea I had with that, didn’t work…)


How to do this yourself:

1. Cover the bucket with the plastic bagP7290037

2. Prepare the dye according to the description in/on the box. Also prepare the bag as described there.

3. Fold the bag into the bucket with the dye.

4. To create the ombre effect, lift the bag out of the dye a bit more each time. I’ve followed the timeline below.

Fix the bag to the clothes horse, so that you don’t need to hold it up yourself all the time.


5. If after following the timeline, you are not satisfied with the intensity of the color, you can repeat the same steps again.

6. When it’s done, follow instructions on the box of the dye on how to finish your bag.


Enjoy using your hand dyed bag!

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