DIY: Make your Own Rubber Stamps

Make your own stamps


What is more fun than making something handmade with supplies that you made yourself?

I’ve always wanted to try making my own rubber stamps and so I did.  About 2 weeks ago I was hosting a workshop for my student union: stamping and/or painting your own tote bag.

All of it had to stay inside a budget, so I figured this was a perfect opportunity to make many stamps myself. And it’s so easy! Plus, you can make any design you like.

Let me tell you how I did it.20150625_112303



  • Big, really big erasers
  • a sharp craft knife
  • pencil and a ruler


The process is quite easy:20150625_113209

Draw the design you want to stamp onto the eraser, keep in mind that when you stamp it will be mirrored. Some ideas: square, triangle, hexagon, circle, heart, star, drop, a plus sign, half a circle (to make a watermelon part). I even made a little moustache.

Then carefully cut out the lines. Be carefull here: 1. the knife is sharp, 2. don’t cut too deep into the eraser (until about halfway the eraser).

Now you can remove any excess of the eraser around your design. Make sure the stamp rises quite a bit above the surface that’s left, but not too much. You still want some eraser left to hold it.

If necessary you can trim the edges of your stamp.20150625_113506

That’s about it.


To finish, here’s some tips for using them. Or better said, cleaning them. I used some handgel on a paper towel to take of the left over paint. Be particularly carefull around the edges of your stamp, they are fragile. It’s best to clean it with a movement from the inside to the outside of the stamp, while applying some pressure. But not too much or it will tear the delicate edges of your beautifully handcrafted stamp.


Happy stamping!

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