April Diary

I had hoped that April would be the month that I found out if studying abroad would still be possible. There’s no hope lost yet, Stockholm is still on. But as long as I don’t have confirmation about the courses I’ll be allowed to follow, you won’t see me doing a happy dance… Still waiting patiently.

Besides that April was a pretty slow month. After taking and passing my mid-term exams I had a week off, which was a much needed rest. Now school is back on, it means busier days and a big demand for my discipline.

Luckily there were a few days off in there: Easter and Kingsday. I spent easter at my sister and her hubby, helping them break down their old bathroom which is hard work. But we also had a lot of fun.

On Kingsday we celebrate the birthday of our Dutch King, which means almost everyone has a day off. There’s a market in the city where you can sell your old stuff and buy stuff from others and there’s artists performing in many locations. A great atmosphere in the city. Unfortunately I worked hard for school that day, but I did attend the market for an hour or so. But no pictures from that…



This was from the Easter weekend I spent at my sister  & brother in law. We’ve been doing some demolishing in their bathroom, because they are renewing it. A big and annoying job to do. To cheer them up I made a smiley face on their floor.



We also went out to cycle through the city and walked in some kind of forrest where we stumbled upon a lovely patch of these little white flowers. Spring is here!



And when the sun shines, what better than to buy some yoghurt for lunch and eat it in the park.



For my mom’s birthday my sister and I took my mom to Appeltern. It’s hard to describe, but it’s a kind of garden park where you can see all different kinds of gardens. It was a lovely sunny day which we enjoyed with the family.



Tulips in Appeltern.



There was also a nest of a water bird there. 5 gorgeous looking eggs waiting to become little ducklings.



In April I also (finally) launched this new website. And a new site means you need new business cards. I’m so proud!



Crafts: I’ve made a lot of progress to the chevron blanket, as you can see above.

Books: This Book Will Save Your Life by A.M. Homes.

Movies/series: I finished watching Once Upon a Time and went right on with Gossip Girl.


Favorite moment: The day with the family in Appeltern was really nice!

Suckiest moment: Still not knowing for sure if I’ll be able to study abroad…


Mother’s Day DIY: Vintage Wooden Words.

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