Learning Watercolour starts with knowing what colours you can make with your pallete.

Creative to-do’s for my own enjoyment

Now that I have a lot of more free time than before (see this post fort he reason why), I started thinking of the things I wanted to do.

What creative projects and DIY’s would I like to make, just because I like it. What new techniques would I want to learn, just because it’s something I’d enjoy them.

No more focus whether a project is good enough to be published on the blog. No more wondering if it would be something my readers would like. I think that this focus is unhealthy (for me and the blog) and will only lead to non-inspirational and more rational blog posts.


So now that I dropped all (self-made) obligations that come with blogging, I started brainstorming things that I’d like to do, make and create just for me. Because I like it and it will be a great thing to do in my free time.

 Learning Watercolour starts with knowing what colours you can make with your pallete.


Here’s my list of creative ideas:

– Teach myself handlettering. I love all those beautifully written words, Instagram is a huge inspiration on that point.

– Learn watercolouring. Painting is always fun and I think watercolouring is going to be great lesson for me of letting go and letting it happen, because you can’t exactly control what the paint does. Watercolouring can also be a great combination with handlettering.

– Draw more. I love patterns and I think it will be very calming to make some of my own.

– Embroider my new backpack with fun arrows and such. I started with one arrow two weeks ago, but still need to finish it.

– Finish the Autumn scarf I started knitting a year ago… It would be great to wear it this Autumn.

– I’m a huge notebook addict, so I’ve wanted to learn how to hand bind my own notebooks. That would be so much fun!

– I have an old small side table that I got when my grandma was moving homes. I want to add a marble-look sticker on top of the table and make the bottom of the legs golden. This project has taken form in my mind, I just need to gather the supplies and start doing it.

– I want to read more books, and along with that comes watching series. Reading and watching have somewhat an opposite sinus, when I start being done with watching series, I start reading more books.

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