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How to Plan for Succes

You know the feeling, right? You’ll be moving to another house or you’re about to change direction in your life. You think ‘from now on everything is going to be different, better’. I’ll keep up with my cleaning, yes, I’ll even make a schedule of when to do what! I’ll be able to keep my surfaces clutter-free and I’ll do the dishes every day. I’ll definetly keep up with my to-do-list.

And then, when you get there, you realise everything is still the same… Nothing changed. Stuff is piling up on your table, you make to-do-lists, but they only keep getting longer and longer.

That’s right about the point where you need to change the way you’ve been doing things up untill then. And that also counts for me, I really had to change the way I’m planning. Or better said, I had to start planning. Right at that time I read this blogpost at Last Day of Spring (sorry, only in Dutch) and it inspired me to try it too. Continue reading How to Plan for Succes