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Een Natuurhuisje: Ultiem Genieten en Volop Rust

Normaal gesproken ga ik op vakantie naar een grote stad, waar ik me met gemak een week of langer vermaak. Altijd wat te doen, genoeg te zien en bezoeken.

Dit keer wilde ik eens wat anders proberen. Een huisje midden in de natuur, bomen en allerlei planten en dieren om me heen. En naast het zingen van vogeltjes alleen stilte om me heen. Ik wilde gewoon eens kijken hoe dat was, of ik mezelf kon vermaken of dat ik me maar zou vervelen en tegen mezelf aan zou lopen.

Dus zodoende ging ik vorige week ging ik vijf dagen op vakantie. Ik huurde een auto, stopte m’n fretje en bagage erin en ging op pad naar een natuurhuisje in Winterswijk.

Lees mee met mijn belevinissen en ervaring tijdens deze vakantie vol rust en stilte.

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Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers All Around Me

Last week seemed to be Spring Flower Week around me. Suddenly flowers popped out of the ground and were fighting their way through old Autumn leaves. With their gorgeous faces the look out into the world, feeling proud to bring a smile to people’s faces. Because yes, Spring is coming. Birds are singing their songs of Spring being close. It’s lovely and delights my heart.

Look around you and enjoy the first signs of Spring!

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The 2014 London Journal

I’m back again! I had 9 lovely days in the city I love so dear: London.

A lot of time was spent in parks, strolling around and reading books. You might say that’s not really holiday material. Walking in parks and reading books is also something you could do at home. True.

Last year I visited London for the first time and I had a loooong list of things I wanted to do. I did get to do a lot, but in the mean time I haven’t really taken time to look around and enjoy what I saw. I was just ‘running’ from one event to the other. So this time I’ve set myself a rule: no fast walking, no hurrying, take time to sit down on a bench and look around you. And that’s exactly what I did.

Ofcourse I did visit some museums, tourist spots & all. With a tear in my eyes I left the city, because I think I won’t be visiting London again this year. But there’s always the pictures to remember the good times. I’ll show you the highlights and the stuff I enjoyed this time. Continue reading The 2014 London Journal

My London Adventure

Oh my, it’s been such a fabulous week in London!
At first I was a bit nervous, because this was first holiday all on my own. But there was nothing to be anxious about, everything was more than fine. I could easily find my way, I felt comfortable moving around the city and I enjoyed every second of it.
And one of the biggest advantages of traveling alone: you don’t have to discuss where you will go or what to have for dinner, you just do whatever you feel like.
Today I’m gonna show you the highlights of my trip, the things I enjoyed most and loved the best. Continue reading My London Adventure

My 8 Favourite Pinterest Accounts

Don’t you love Pinterest too?!?
Ever since I’ve downloaded the Pinterest app, it’s become a part of my daily life. Every day I scroll down all those pins and repin the ones I like.
It’s a great way to get inspired with crafts and DIY’s & learn new things about organizing, blogging and loads of other things!
Here are 8 pinners from who I frequently repin stuff. Click on the link below the pictures and it will take you to their boards.
And if you’re on Pinterest too, come over to my boards and follow me!

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