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Bullet Journal Setup September 2018

It’s time for another Bullet Journal video!

A few weeks ago someone said to me I should make a setup with more manly touches to it. A car-theme was suggested, but I didn’t fall for that. But to give it somewhat a try, I’ve added lots of blue this time and planes. Paper planes to be exact  😁

As you are used to, I’ve caught all of the action on camera for you to plan along with me or just simply to inspire you. Enjoy the new Plan With Me video!

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Bullet Journal Weekly Setup June 2018

For the past year I’ve shared multiple monthly setups for my Bullet Journal. But something I’ve never showed is my weekly setups, but they’re definitely part of my routine.

I wouldn’t know what to do without it. I’ve tried going without a weekly setup for a while and just work with a monthly setup and daily logs, but then I figured I miss having a space to plan tasks a few days ahead. So the weekly logs were migrated back into my Bullet Journal and haven’t left since.

In my weekly logs I plan my daily tasks and appointments and the previous evening I add the weather forecast. There’s also a space for some notes; although I don’t use it that often, it’s nice to have some extra space on hand.

Now let me show you how I’ve set up last weeks weekly.

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Winsor & Newton Gold Ink

Bullet Journal Setup April 2018

(Nederlands hieronder)

I have some sad news for you: this month I haven’t filmed my Bullet Journal setup for April.

At the end of March I had to work during the weekend, I celebrated my birthday and the next weekend it was Easter. Busy times, so I couldn’t find the right time to set up my camera and take time to draw it all out in one go.

And also I was a little uninspired for a theme for April, so I decided to go minimal. I wanted to set up just the bare minimum and add some simple decorations. But in the end I added some nice fonts & used my new gold ink for some lines and letters here and there. I couldn’t not use it, I’m sure you’ll understand once you see the shimmer of it in the pictures below. It’s so so pretty!

Yes yes, I hear you thinking: Enough talking, show me some pictures of your journal.

Well, let’s go.

Bullet Journal Monthly Log
Monthly Log
Bullet Journal Two Lines a Day
Every day I write a two line short diary entry.
Bullet Journal Habit Tracker
My habit tracker

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker
A little habit tracker for my ferret’s medication and well being.
Bullet Journal Expense Tracker and Meal Planner
Expense tracker & meal planner

Bullet Journal Weekly Log
I’m trying out a new layout for my weekly log, but I’m not entirely happy with it this way. Next week I’ll try a different setup.

I’m really happy with the looks of this ‘minimalist deluxe’ layout. It’s spacious, but still decorative. Maybe I’ll have it like this more often. We’ll see how I feel about it at the end of this month.

Also, I haven’t made a front page for this month yet. I might still make one and then I’ll share it on my Instagram @madetocelebrate. Follow me there!


Ik heb verdrietig nieuws voor jullie: deze maand heb ik mijn Bullet Journal setup voor april nie gefilmd.

Aan het einde van maart moest ik een weekend werken, vierde ik mijn verjaardag en het weekend daarna was het Pasen. Drukke tijden, dus ik heb niet het juiste moment kunnen vinden om m’n camera klaar te zetten en alles in één keer uit te tekenen.

En ik was ook een beetje ongeïnspireerd voor een thema voor april, dus ik besloot om het mimimalistisch te houden. Ik wilde een minimale layout met een paar simpele decoratieve elementen. Uiteindelijk werd het wat meer door een leuk lettertype te gebruiken & ik kon het niet laten om mijn niuew gouden inkt te gebruiken voor wat lijnen en letters. Als je ‘m hierboven ziet schitteren, zul je begrijpen waarom ik ‘m moest gebruiken. Zo mooi!

Ja ja, ik hoor je denken: genoeg gekletst, laat die foto’s nou maar zien. Dus let’s go! (je ziet zehierboven)


Ik ben erg blij met deze ‘minimalist deluxe’ layout. Het geeft veel rust en ruimte, maar is nog steeds decoratief. Misschien dat ik dit wel vaker ga doen. We zullen zien hoe ik er aan het eind van deze maand over denk.

Ik heb trouwens voor deze maand geen beginpagina gemaakt. Waarschijnlijk ga ik dat in de komende dagen nog wel doen en dan zie je het eindresultaat op mijn Instagram make one and then I’ll share it on my Instagram @madetocelebrate. Volg me daar voor meer uit mijn Bullet Journal!

Are you Afraid to Make Mistakes? – Imperfections Galore

Credits for this beautiful spread & picture go to Annabel from teaching_funshines_bujo

(Nederlands hieronder)

Imperfections, mistakes and plans that didn’t turn out as you wanted. It’s all part of life and also part of bullet journaling. I’ve poured all of this in a new blog post series, which I’ll introduce to you today.

I love bullet journaling. I started it a year and a half ago and it has become my daily companion. It helps me to get things done and keep track of how things are going.

Another part I really like is all the inspiration I can find online. There’s loads of Bullet Journal accounts on Instagram and groups on Facebook. Many layouts, drawings and colour combinations I used were found there.

But what I also see and hear, is that many people are very demanding when it comes to their own Bullet Journal. They want every page to be as perfect as the pictures they have seen online. And for some this is even a reason to be scared to get started on bullet journaling. Continue reading Are you Afraid to Make Mistakes? – Imperfections Galore

Bullet Journal Setup March 2018

A little later than planned, but it’s never too late for some fun Bullet Journaling inspiration. Right?

March will hopefully be the month that Spring will come in. I do enjoy a bit of chilly weather, but now it’s been enough. Time for sunshine, warm beams of sunshine. Time for leaves to sprout on trees and flowers to work their way out of the ground. I can’t wait.

For my Bullet Journal setup I chose some sunny, warm colours, combined with some cute doodles and of course washi tape.

Join me in another timelapse video.

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